Jolly Hollies

Holly Jolly

I mentioned some posts back that I’ve really been bitten by the Christmas bug this year.  And I have to say, I far prefer this kind of bug bite to the bah humbug variety that has regrettably plagued my Christmases for many years running.  I have a very small family, and we’re close, but our holiday celebrations are always deeply WASP-y affairs – tasteful decorations, sumptuous feast, many viewings of Love, Actually and Home Alone in which we yell profanities at Alan Rickman and count the number of felonies committed by Kevin McAllister, respectively.  And I really love those Christmases, tiny and weird though they may be (particularly the brunch and dinner parts; my mom is an ah-maze-ing cook) but they’ve become a bit predictable, and I think we’re all ready for a change.

So this year my husband and I are trying something new.  As such, I’ve really had to be on the ball with my holiday preparations, and my enjoyment of the season is truly all the better for it.  The tree is up!  And I didn’t electrocute myself this year, not even once.  My cards are written and ready to be mailed out, most of my gifts are purchased and Babes in Toyland has been watched.  And then just this past weekend my parents and I enjoyed a lovely and festive night out touring beautiful old homes done up for the holidays.  It’s been nice; I like actually engaging with the season instead of whining about how much I have to do until suddenly it’s Boxing Day and I realize I’ve done absolutely nothing.

And that goes for my nails as well – there’s always a mad rush in the final 10 days of the year to complete all those festive manicures I neglected through the other 21 days of December.  But not this year!  I’m on it, and digging on this multi-chromatic holly berry design.  Very merry.

8 thoughts on “Jolly Hollies

  1. Loving this bold look and how much design you fit onto such a small space. Very cool. Glad your hollys are jollier. I’m a stickler for Christmas Eve/Day tradition and routine, but I’ve learned to adapt in recent years. Last Christmas we went to a cousin of my husband’s for brunch bc they had a new house built. It was a relaxed morning/afternoon with superb food, and coffee and chmpagne mimosas, felt super adult.
    I’m excited for you and your festivities, ho, ho,ho!

    • Thank you, I’m excited to share them with you!

      Sounds like you had an awesome fun time at your husband’s cousin’s brunch. I love those events that you’re just not so sure about, but they wind up being an unexpectedly great time. I remember going to my first “adult party” when I was about 20, 21 – my boyfriend’s married sister (that was already blowing my mind) had just bought a house (again, mind blown) and they were having a welcome party. It was so civilized, sitting in their suburban backyard on their matching patio furniture drinking wine instead of face down in a flower bed somewhere because you did too many jello shots. Not speaking from the voice of experience here.

  2. Beautiful nails! I really love these flashy holly sprigs. Glad to hear your holidays are festive and happy ❤ I have not seen Love, Actually. I need to get on that. You could totally do a movie review/nail blog thing. I feel like every time I am reading your posts I am jotting down things to watch. Love it. Merry Christmas, pretty lady!

    • Thank you, Julie, that’s a wonderful compliment! Love, Actually is definitely one to add to your holiday list, although it’s one of those love it or loathe it kind of movies. I love it because it’s charming and heartbreaking and funny and stuffily British, but I also get the complaints that elements are preposterous, or the whole “It would never happen that way!” approach to movie critiques, which I obviously put a great deal of stock in! It’s such a charmer, though, and a tradition in my family – every year we watch it and shout helpful suggestions at the characters.

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