The Good Tie

The Good Tie

Holy motherforking shirtballs, that is a nice tie!  Or that’s what I would be saying if this manicure was an actual men’s bow tie and not just the print of a fictional one worn by Ted Danson’s character, Michael, on The Good Place.  I cemented my love of The Good Place with this manicure inspired by one of fashion plate Tahani’s dresses.  Tahani possesses a vast and enviable wardrobe of colourful floral gowns; I could do a manicure a day for weeks and still not reach the end of her flouncy and floral.

And as it turns out, Michael, architect of The Good Place, is something of a clotheshorse as well – he wears more pastel than an Easter egg, and always caps off his outfits with a colourful printed bow tie.  In a recent episode I watched Michael is wearing a smart floral tie bearing this fetching print; I liked it so much, I thought I’d turn it into a manicure.  Now, how’s that about a bench? 😉

2 thoughts on “The Good Tie

  1. You are too kooky. Hey I watched a random episode and…I was totally confused. Only Ted Danson and mainly one other character were in it, a cy-bot assistant type? She was glitching and needed to self-destruct or something, but Ted Danson tried to justify stopping her the whole episode and I think the conclusion was she shouldn’t power down because they are friends? A kooky feel-good premise, just like your mani.

    PS you should see some of the bow tie fabulousness the speech kids rock!

    • Oh my gosh, do you want to talk kooky, it’s you! You jumped right into The Good Place in probably THE spot the most likely to make the least amount of sense to you. Talk about going for the deep end, though. Needless to say, with the way I’m talking, there’s obviously big stuff afoot in the second second (the episode you watched was from the second season.) I won’t spoil it (unless you’d like me to privately) but I wonder if the twist that closes out the first season and informs the second is less effective if you don’t know what it is in the first place. Like, would it even register as being the big deal it is? We may need to discuss this further.

      Bow ties are the jam. I’m not surprised the speech kids are one with the bow tie. 🙂

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