Clueless About Dieting

Clueless About Dieting

Or would that actually be Clueless ON Dieting?  Because this manicure represents Cher Horowitz’s confession to her best friend Dionne that stress has her indulging in a very heifer-like diet (as if!) of “two bowls of Special K, three pieces of turkey bacon, a handful of popcorn, five Peanut Butter M&Ms and, like, three pieces of licorice.”  Just missing the licorice, but then again, you can’t miss that which you don’t like in the first place, and I’ve never developed a taste for licorice.  I’m down with the rest of that stuff, though, just maybe not at the same time.  Maybe.  I don’t know, bacon and PB M&M popcorn cereal bars *could* be a thing, right?

7 thoughts on “Clueless About Dieting

  1. What a curious inspiration, someone’s been watching culturally influential Gen-X movies again;) A fave of mine of course. I remember watching it gave me the feeling of being an insider to a world which, in reality, I was a complete outsider. It also cemented my forever love for Paul Rudd and Alicia Silverstone *sigh*, plus Wallace Shawn was so great.
    Your nail art is poppin and I don’t only mean the popcorn, love the vibrancy and I would eat that cereal bar in a heartbeat. Ever consider a mani post of Cher’s outfits? So much to work with.

    • Paul Rudd IS actually aging backwards, right? He and Heather Graham and Gabrielle Union have tapped into the Fountain of Youth, I swear.

      I COMPLETELY get what you mean about the insider thing. Certain films really provoke that feeling. I remember walking out of Fight Club thinking that I had just taken part in something very, very cool, although all I did was sit there and eat popcorn.

      I was, of course, in love with Travis Birkenstock. I can do his little Egg McMuffin speech verbatim (“without which, I might never be tardy!” delivered with such delight.) Also, “You’re just a virgin who can’t drive” is one of my favourite go-to put-downs.

      I was just saying to Julie that Cher’s fashion sense informed my grade 13 (senior year) look quite a bit – lots of thigh-highs and cutsie pie Mary Janes and indecently tiny dresses with Peter Pan collars. It was a whole lot of look! I like the idea of revisiting that time through nail art, and you’re right, there’s SO MUCH to draw from there (Cher’s yellow plaid blazer and mini combo? Ugh, as if!)

      • I haven’t seen those actresses in years, but you’re right about Paul Rudd, ageless indeed! Shel and I would exclaim Diane Lane to be ageless as she looked the same as she did as Cherry Valance in the Outsiders for a good 25 years. Then recently, we saw her in something and said, oh no, she’s aged! It kind of broke our spirits.

        Fight Club, totally something cool. (we’ve had a quoted exchange from this movie, correct?) but after watching the first time, I thought, hmm I think a lot of this went over my head. In today’s vernacular, I felt less woke, more woah?

        I read that Cher’s yellow plaid was an original Jean Paul Gaultier, not a bad inspiration for your nails. Of course you went through a Cher phase, I wouldn’t have had the confidence. Not to mention I was rockin a Travis Birkenstock style at the time;)

      • Ha, “less woke, more woah”! That’s good – I may need to steal that. 😉 Ooh, that movie really ignited my love of Edward Norton; I had such a celebrity crush on him back in the aughts. I’m fairly certain 90 percent of the audience just flatlined with lust the first time Tyler Durden Pitt showed up shirtless and/or pantsless, but I preferred Edward Norton’s unhinged psycho thing. Brad Pitt’s never done it for me. You?

        Oh, and the other side of the Clueless style coin for me was Girl Birkenstock, which was, like, thrift shop plaid golf pants or GIANT cords paired with a baby tee and Cons or Airwalks or actual Birks. And in our climate, we paired those Birks with wool socks. WHAT a look. Sound at all familiar? 🙂

      • Lol, it’s yours.

        Can’t say BP has ever done it for me although I did debate a complete sexist jerk about his acting merits in a college English lit class once. I was pro-Pitt the actor, but I was also anti-letting-this-blowhard-dictate-his-opinion-as-if-we-all-had-to-agree. Not even at Brad’s barest chestiest, in Thelma and Louise, could he turn my head compared to Michael Madsen (Louise’s aging rockabilly traveling man who was too cool to commit boyfriend) I always go for the tortured, flawed types (in fiction). Mind you, this was years before Michael Madsen devolved into a swollen yellow-bleached surfer/stoner creepy dude. Tortured, flawed, psycho Ed Norton plays it well. I may have said this before in an Edward Norton mutual admiration society convo, but he exudes intelligence and that is sexy. If you’ve never seen The Painted Veil, I recommend it.
        Dude, I’m in awe of your adventurous teen-aged style and the closest I got was the vintage cords, but I’d wear with oversize striped or band tees and of course, Cons:))

  2. I would totally eat that cereal bar. I am a fiend for the salty sweet combos. I enjoyed Clueless but haven’t watched it more than a couple times when I was younger. I finally re-watched Heathers (not sure why that association comes to mind?) but I have never watched Mean Girls. I guess they all fall into some pseudo chick flick category for me. Love those nails.

    • Ha, Jay said the same thing about the cereal bars! Maybe I’ve hit on something here? Oh, Heathers – haven’t seen that one in years, although it was never a big fave. Christian Slater was only ever my jam in Pump Up the Volume, although I’ve always had mad Winona Ryder love. Also not a fan of Mean Girls. I actually really disliked that one – saw it in the theatre and have never seen it again, which is very, very unlike me. I’m a total serial watcher, even of crap. Clueless is the bestest, though. In grade 13 I dressed a lot like Cher – thigh-high socks, heeled Mary Janes, cute little ’90s dresses…aw, I miss that. 🙂

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