Ears to You

Ears to Us, Eh! Ears

Or ears to me!  Or would it be ears for me?  At the very least they were purchased by me.  And usually only worn by me, although I’m clearly not opposed to sharing.

Ears to Us, Eh!

I was on-property at our resort, the Port Orleans Riverside, approximately seven minutes before I had snapped up this glittery Vintage Minnie headband.  I’ve always, always wanted to buy a set of mouse ears, but headbands and I have historically been no bueno – they pinch the sides of my skull in a way that provokes instant headaches in this already headache-prone person.  But I was on a mouse ears mission, and I could not say no to this vintage-style set, with its shimmery, sequined polka dots and ultra trendy rose gold bow.  Also the cute little flower that sproings off the middle at a charmingly daffy angle.

Mouse Ears

But did they hurt?  Actually, no, they didn’t.  I didn’t get a single headache from either set of ears I purchased (the others being the Sally ears my husband is sporting in the picture above.)  Toward the late afternoon I’d begin to feel a little tenderness behind my ears, but nothing unmanageable, and no headaches!  I credit the ample padding in the band.  And also a lot of mind over migraine matter, because I really wanted these ears!  As did everyone else; they had just hit the resort shops, but had not yet been released to the parks.  Over the first couple of days of our vacation I was stopped by probably two dozen people asking where I got them.  Yup, that’s right, you’re in the presence of mouse ears greatness!  Impressed yet? 😉

And as always when I’m charmed by something, I put it on my nails!  To mimic the sequins on these ears, I used two glittery textured polishes, OPI’s blue Get Your Number and Nicole by OPI’s pink Candy is Dandy.  Super cute.

Ears to You, Eh! Nails

4 thoughts on “Ears to You

  1. How flippin adorable are those!!! 🤗🤗🤗 both are insanely cute but I have to lean more towards the Sally Ears being my favs. Darker color scheme is probably what got me but I just love it how they have ears for everybody!

    • I like the Sally ears, too. 🙂 I was looking for something like them at Halloween, figured the Nightmare Before Christmas merch would all be out then, but nope! Then I actually do find them the day BEFORE CHRISTMAS at some random shop in Hollywood Studios.

      I just noticed the other day that they’ve got these new (basic black) ears with bows themed to just about every character (or at least the biggies right now) that you can swap in and out depending on your ear mood! I was SOOOO hoping for R2 ears, but there were regrettably few (as in none) Star Wars ears. Big oversight, Disney! I actually didn’t think it was possible for them to leave any money on the table with regards to that franchise!

      • Whhhhaaat??? No Star Wars ears? I believe a true crime has been committed here. They have Star Wars EVERYTHING out right now. Like you said, you’d think that would be the biggest theme they would be pushing almost but yeah that is pretty shocking. I’m sure you could get some made for the next time you go.
        The bow idea is pretty cool though too so you could just switch it out so I would probably want a pair of those but I’m also a go big or go home when it comes to certain things so I think when it comes to my ears I would probably want the whole character shebang like you’ve got pictured above for yours but for whichever character I picked.

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