Plan Ahead

Journal CollageStretching my nail art legs a bit with this gilded floral manicure inspired by my 2018 journal.  I love brights over top of a solid black creme like this, particularly with the addition of a little golden glitz.

Journal nails

Since about grade 6, I’ve kept a journal or diary or a planner of some fashion to organize both my day and my thoughts.  Yet despite a proliferation of new journal “systems” – or perhaps in spite of them – I’ve never felt the need to compose my thoughts in anything more structured than a plain old notebook, or your basic yearly planner.  As long as it has space for me to scribble down inspired blogging thoughts, random song lyrics and at what time I’m supposed to pick up my mom so we can go to the movies, we good.

But if it can be gorgeous while it’s doing all those things, so much the better!  And this planner (from Orange Circle Studio) is beautiful, inside and out…but mainly out. 😉  I adore this vibrant succulent theme with its fine gold accents; it’s just a lovely book to have laying out and about.  Doesn’t look too shabby on my nails either.

Journal Up Close

2 thoughts on “Plan Ahead

  1. Look at you sophisticated lady with your grown up planner! I agree about the planner craze, I’m a list maker and there’s no room for lists with tons of extraneous cutesy sticker versions of mini-me’s all over the place. Not to mention, it would mostly be stickers of me in front of my laptop or on the couch-I don’t need to see that visualized. I keep mine for speech practice, tournament info and for tracking library programs, etc. and blogging entries. I started diligently last year but fizzled. Although, I just got my 2018 one situated, also a nature-inspired theme via a graphic artist so we are on the same wavelength. I see a pleasing geometry in this floral and particularly love the spindly red/pink aster-like flower translated on the nail. Maybe it’s an Asian lily? Don’t know but I like it:)
    Might we catch an inside glimpse with particularly catchy song lyrics sometime?

  2. Like you, I have used a planner since about middle school too. It was a diary before that. I really like this pattern on the journal and even more, your sparking rendition on your nails! Very chic and still fun, not stuffy. I would totally wear this mani as long as possible. Alas, I have returned to nail biting with some of the stressors but back to the regularly scheduled program of nibbling on veggies, not nails and donuts.

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