Smooches from Stitch

Stitch Nail Collage

We met Stitch, the Elvis-worshiping, ukulele-playing little alien from Lilo & Stitch, on our Christmas trip to Disney World, and it was one of the very best moments of our entire fantastic vacation.  Stitch is a scampy little troublemaker under the very best of circumstances, but he was extra sassy during this character meet-and-greet, briefly bro-ing down with my husband before dismissively RASPBERRYING him in favour of giving me hugs and licks and kisses. 🙂


And I don’t look like I mind this one bit (because I don’t!) but I can’t say the same for my husband, who was seriously side-eyeing this amorous little bugger putting the moves on his wife!  Not to worry, sweetie, I’m not looking to trade one barely controllable, blue-garbed weirdo for another. 😉


I think this manicure turned out so well!  I like to think I was inspired by Stitch’s little crush, because he actually sort of looks like himself here and not like some sort of hideous mutant creature.  Progress!  And we couldn’t get out of the parks without picking up a couple of items in Stitch’s furry blue likeness, including these cute socks (can’t EVER have too many novelty socks, in my estimation) and a tiny clip-on Stitch, right, who rode around on my husband’s backpack for a few days.  Today his magnetized claws cling to the front of our fridge.  The slightly larger Stitch plush was a thoughtful gift from an alien-loving friend (thanks, Rocky!)

Stitch Nails and Merch Collage

15 thoughts on “Smooches from Stitch

  1. STITCH!!!!! How freaking incredible it must have been to meet this guy and you have awesome pictures to remember the occasion. Swooning over the manicure as always. I guess I am going to have to send you fake nails just so I can wear one of your awesome manicures at least for a week! I am usually not one for fake nails but I may have to rethink it for something as awesome as this.

    • You know, I have never thought about that (doing a fake set of nails.) I’ve always wondered how I could practically “share” my designs, but I’ve seriously never thought about that before. Hmmm….giving me lots of ideas here!

  2. Never seen Lilo & Stitch but your nail art looks spot on to me. Of course he was smitten with you, what alien wouldn’t be?;)
    I’m a novelty sock fan too, but my boss has quite a collection, a lot from Disney I believe, she visits once a year. Quality wise, they’re hit or miss, but add a sweet pick-me-up to one’s day.

    • Lilo & Stitch is wonderful (actually only saw it for the first – and so far only – time a couple of years ago) but it is devastatingly sad. If you’ve seen Up and somehow survived the first 10 minutes, I’d put it a tiny notch down from Up in terms of its sadness level. Just crushing. Stitch is such a cutie (this smoochy guy in particular) but I actually wouldn’t recommend the movie for anyone with a heart. Seriously brutal.

      • THANK YOU!!!! I tell my husband all the time that Disney movies are just soo heart crushingly sad. He of course fights that with the, they have happy endings! They are great! Look, Disney movies are just sad. End of statement.

      • Epcot has this theatre where you go in and watch three randomly selected Pixar shorts (in 3D.) One of the ones we saw is called Feast (they released it on a collection of shorts) about this bachelor’s romantic life as viewed through the eyes of his dog. It’s such a sweet story, absolutely adorable, ends on a great note…but in between there’s all that DISNEY, and we were – both of us – in tears. Like, pouring down our faces. Utterly gutted. Ugh, WHY DO THEY DO THAT?!

  3. Cutest post ever. My oldest and I love Stitch and you did a stellar job on that mani!!! He is so freaking cute. And an Elvis lover to boot. I love Elvis. Looks like you came away with some adorable Stitchy things. ❤

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