YouTube Nails

So this is kind of new and potentially sort of embarrassing, but guess who has a new YouTube channel?  This blogger!  And her husband.  It’s called Park or Perish!, our rallying Disney cry, and it will document our Disney adventures (among other hopefully fun things) so I can stop bothering you all with it over here!  VIC-TOR-EE!  Plus you’ll also get to see our first hesitant attempts at filming, vlogging and video editing, so that’ll be fun and enlightening. 🙂

So if you’d like to put a voice and a constantly moving face to this blogger/vlogger (seriously, I never realized how very elastic my face can be while I’m talking, which I also do constantly.  Whilst making weird faces and doing all sorts of odd things with my voice.  Filming myself has been very eye-opening in some regards!) please do stop by our burgeoning little site, we’d love to share the fun with you. 🙂

9 thoughts on “UsTube

  1. How cool are you? Answer:very!
    I will get my own Youtube acct. post haste and check out your kooky faces. BTW, I do the same. I once had to critique my own recorded speeches for a college class and cringed every time I made a weird stretchy jaw move and oh, the constant hand motions which never stopped!

    • Aw, that’s awesome of you, thank you so much. It’s a weird thing, I know, and it kind of just spun itself out of nothingness – I was just down in Florida filming the outside of our hotel when I thought, “I’m going to start vlogging.” And so it was!

      Oh my goodness, the first time you really SEE yourself? Like, I’ve made my peace with my voice and the whole “Do I really sound like that?!” thing, but I had no idea I lack the ability to STOP MOVING MY FACE or stop doing wackadoo things with my voice (seriously, at one point I can’t simply say “bedroom,” it comes out all “bed-e-rheum.” What the hey?!) I bet you’re hyper aware of how you look when you speak on account of your speech, drama and debate duties. It’s kind of jarring the first time you realize you’re all hands and weird gestures, huh? 🙂 Eh, call it verbal colour!

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