Cozy Time Sweets

Bath Sweets Collage

I recently unearthed a container of old, favourite clothes that I had banished to shameful storage after I had gained, and retained, all the weight.  I have no idea why I saved some of the items (the thermal shirt with the stars is cute and all, but…) although others are more clear (the cat ear’d hoodie I wore on my first date with Mr. Finger Candy.)

But I clapped with joy when I pulled these old (yet barely ever worn) Nick & Nora flannel jammies out of the box.  Mr. Finger Candy gave me these maybe our third or fourth Christmas together?  I LOVED these pyjamas!  And then I forgot all about them.  Which happens when you somehow manage to gain so much weight, you outgrow your gigantic flannel PJs and are forced to relinquish them to the purgatory of the basement storage locker.

Which is where they would have stayed had I not lost 85 pounds in the last year and completely overhauled both my shape and my health.  Making it the perfect time to pull that container of old, favourite clothes straight out of purgatory to see what might fit.  Which was actually a ton of stuff!  Including these wonderful jammies.  I washed them up straightaway and then started to plan a warm, cozy bath with some likewise forgotten bath and body products.

Yummy Jammies

I mentioned last month that as part of my low-buy no buy I was also going to try to use up that which I had already bought, but not yet got around to using.  So drawing inspiration from my newly found PJs, I dug a whole mess of candy sweet things out of the beauty bin and drew myself one sweetheart of a bath.

Bath Sweets Main Photo

There’s a little bit of everything here – a three-wick candle in Bath & Body Works’ Vanilla Bean Noel, a favourite sugar cookie scent tinged with a touch of musk.  A tiny wax pie slice, sugar scrub and lotion from The Bathing Garden in Sugared Pie Crust.  A bar of soap from Dreaming Tree Soapworks in Bewitched, a creamy vanilla-raspberry scent.  A tiny, cupcake-shaped bath melt from Bomb Cosmetics in Cherry Pie.  Mmm, a couple of spritzes of Demeter’s Vanilla Ice Cream cologne, a scrumptious, toasty warm waffle cone scent I already use all the dang time.  A cotton candy-scented bath bomb gifted to me from a kind friend.  And finally, a post-bath cup of tea using this delicious Binx blend sent to me by another kind friend (named after Binx the cat from the movie Hocus Pocus, it contains catnip!)  Oh, and a couple of food-shaped wax tarts from The Bathing Garden because the PJs practically demanded it. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Cozy Time Sweets

  1. Not gonna lie, it hurts to see so much Sugared Pie Crust in it’s pristine unused condition…WHAT are you waiting for? Don’t make me buy some SPC currently in the Last Chance section at TBG, just to show you how it’s done.
    Okay sorry, I may be salty for somehow always taking my wax no-buys when it’s available and never actually ordering any for myself. Forgive me, I’ve settled down now. Man this no-buy, most of the time I’m totally zen bout it, other times, I’m calling out friends for their cute cozy vignettes featuring sweet wax and body care with adorably matching candy laden pjs. Clearly, I’m turning into a wax haul withdrawal monster and it’s been likes, a month!
    P.S. I remember donating some of my favorite teeny sized items a few years back with a no regrets cuz I’ll never be that size again attitude. You, my friend, always believed. That’s pretty great.

    • Hoo baby, somebody sure is feeling salty! But that’s okay, call me out for not using this stuff when I should have, ie. months and months and months ago. I’m the one always railing on about how people need to use the things they buy and blah, blah, blah diddy blah…I could stand to take my own advice from time to time!

      P.S. Thank you, although I don’t know how much I believed in myself and how much I just didn’t want to toss some not-inexpensive, not-easy-to-find jammies that my husband had gifted me. Like so many things, it just seemed easier to put them in storage and nebulously hope for the best some day than deal with the issue (so many issues, actually) right then.

  2. I am SOO stinkin proud of you!!!! 85?! You should be so proud of yourself. You deserve all of those Disney trips and more.
    What a relaxing bath, very indulgent yet all goodies you were able to find at home! The tea just screamed you so I had to send it on. Hope it has been good.
    Those pjs are just swell, I am a sucker for cute prints such as these that I also wouldn’t have been able to part with them either

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