The Shape of Water

The Shape of Water 1

Neptune nails.  Both in terms of inspiration, and also the unbelievably gorgeous base polish I used here, Enchanted Polish’s Neptune.

Shape of Water 2

Also, given The Shape of Water’s best picture win at this past Sunday’s Oscars, it seemed an appropriate time – nay, the only time! – to make this “In love with a fishman” Disney joke.  Good lawd, that Triton is jacked!  His arms-day routine must be nuts.

Mermaid Collage

10 thoughts on “The Shape of Water

  1. That base is GORGEOUS! Perfect for the water theme. Side note: I’m slightly disappointed The Shape of Water won, I was really rooting for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. I’m glad at least they took home some acting awards.
    I bet Triton skips leg days… just sayin, can’t see what’s going on down there.

    • Bahahaha! I guess it’s tail days for Triton? I quite like Sam Rockwell, so I support the Three Billboards love. Shame Get Out didn’t nab more awards, given it seemed to be the main conversation starter of awards season. Also, Jordan Peele man – who knew?!

      This polish is totally awesome and of course completely discontinued (or maybe that’s just me; I haven’t bought from Enchanted in over a year) but I did just spend a fruitless 10 or so minutes scouring Nail Polish Canada’s site to see if OPI still had a similar dupe…I couldn’t find her, sorry. I think at one point KB Shimmer put out some colour-shifting jellies, and they had a teal-to-blue one that was gorgeous.

  2. This art called out to me for a comment. It’s some gorgeous deep water territory bubbling with fantastical adornments, but those tonal water beads! All the heart eyes.
    I didn’t really have a horse in the Oscar race this year, the only one I’d see was best costume nominee, Beauty and the Beast, howev, I do think Sally Hawkins and Richard Jenkins are fabulous actors so maybe I’ll catch Shape sometime (if I can get past the surreal feeling of watching a Dali painting I get with previews). Two moments that got my blood pumping; Frances McDormand’s acceptance speech ❤ and the screen highlights of Call Me By Your Name <3<3, it was an interesting year of film, fo sho.

    • Ooh, that’s so it, a Dali painting! I think a large part of it is the poster – even before it was getting some buzz, I had noticed that image, thought it was creepily romantic. I read an interesting article the other day about how The Shape of Water is actually a meditation on what it means to fall in love with someone with a major disability. It was a big whollop upside the head, because I hadn’t thought about it that way AT ALL – too much “teen girl falls in love with supernatural X” brainwashing, I suppose. Sally Jenkins is the cutest – have you seen Paddington (the first one)? It’s so freakin’ adorable (oh, what a good, goofy, fantastical heart that movie has) and she’s in it.

      Haven’t seen or read Call Me By Your Name, but um, it looks pretty hot. Also like something that will have me sobbing by the end. Ugh, is there anything better than a fraught-filled romance? You know, to watch for two hours, not to actually live!

      Tangent, but have you seen Everything Sucks? It’s on Netflix – 10 half-hour episodes detailing life for the AV and drama club kids of an Oregon high school in 1996. I LOVEITY LOVED LOVED it sooooo much, and I thought it might call out to you as well. The music alone?! Oh my word. I tried to play the “I have this song on my iPod right now!” drinking game (and not even in my ’90s playlists either) but concluded I’d be pissed within seconds. So I changed it to the “I saw this band live!” drinking game, but also realized that I’d be completely knackered by the first commercial break if I went that way as well (done in by the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Oasis, Blues Travelers and Tori Amos!)

      The show was just great, I loved it so much and I think you’d be so into it. I hope you get a chance to check it out.

  3. AAh, thank you! I love Netflix recommendations that I haven’t already heard a billion times. 1996 is close to my days, I will check it out soonish. Swear to christ, my one and only New Year’s resolution was to binge watch more Netflix. I mean I pay for it and only watch sporadically, it’s time to double down!

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