Snow Much Fun?

Snow Much Fun 1

Eh, I’m not sure how much fun a snowstorm is at this time of year.  Even us loony (Loonie?) Canadians are tired of the wet, tired of the ice, tired of the slush (and where I live, it frequently snows straight through to about the middle of April.)  Ugh, why do I live here again?  Oh right, because Canada is awesome. 🙂

And so is this nail polish, KB Shimmer’s optimistically titled Snow Much Fun!  I typically drag this lacquer out around this time of year, if only to remind myself that snow really is beautiful, and ONE DAY it will eventually stop.  Right?!  Oh my word, PLEASE let it stop!

Snow Much Fun 2

2 thoughts on “Snow Much Fun?

  1. Beautiful blue! I love the snowflakes in it. Sorry about all the snow hitting you hard. But it sounds like you are used to it. We have been feeling the last few chilly days of winter down here. A good excuse to melt spicy bakery, wear jeans and cardigans a bit longer and even light a bonfire or two.

    • Ooh, Florida’s last winter swan song…I quite like your state’s Fall and wintertime weather, although we really lucked out during our last two trips (I think it misted on us one morning for about 15 minutes and that was it!) I love bonfires! Used to have quite a few of them when I was a kid and I lived out in the country. Mmm, that smell! Well, I hope you enjoy winter’s final hurrah, get in all the fires and socks you can. 🙂

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