CloverUnder Fingers

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  To those celebrating this afternoon, tonight and early tomorrow morning, I hope you have a wonderful time, but please remember to do so responsibly.  Hail a cab, call a ride-sharing service, buddy up and walk your drunk butts home (the exercise and fresh air would do you some good!) – anything but behind the wheel of a car, okay?  This has been my yearly St. Patrick’s Day PSA; thank you for listening.

Really, though, a weekend St. Patrick’s Day in my any-excuse-to-tie-one-on hometown is cause for alarm.  I actually don’t plan on even leaving the house today – I’ll just binge drink at home like a proper Irish Canadian woman (joke, joke!)

No matter my plans, however, my nails will be looking festive and fly in this old school KB Shimmer polish, Get Clover It.  I’ve had this polish forever, and it’s a favourite – I love its clear, dark green jelly base, lit from within with micro-glitter like the world’s most beautiful pickle, and its lush mix of metallic circle glitter.  Heh, pickle.  Anyways, stay safe, party peeps.

CloverUnder Bottle

2 thoughts on “Clover/Under

  1. This really is the best green polish I have ever seen. No green beer for me but I did eat two green Krispy Kreme donuts. I think that is as festive as I got on St. Patricks Day. At least no one pinched me.

    • Isn’t it awesome? It’s one of my favourites. It’s also held up very well – this polish is five years old, and I use it frequently, so it should just be lumpy pudding by now. It reminds me of a clear version of those alligator-infested swamps with the neon green algae floating on the surface (to, you know, hide the alligator infestation beneath!) I didn’t do a thing for St. Patrick’s Day – stayed in. I’m mostly Irish, so as my mom would (and did) say, why would I binge drink on Irish Amateur Night when it comes so naturally to me the rest of the time? 😉 Bars on St. Paddy’s Day are kind of the worst, though. Can you imagine how nuts the Irish pub at Epcot must have been?!

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