2 thoughts on “Pizza Party

  1. Ugh, if you knew how much pizza I’ve eaten this weekend;) We worked a basketball fundraiser selling concessions for the Speech team (how I spend many a Fri night, lol) and ordered too much pizza, we sold whole boxes for a discount but I still ate it 3 meals in a row. Today I made a veggie bean stew to combat pizza hangover.
    These slices are cute though with the cuticle crust action, is that pineapple/pepperoni I see?

    • Oof, school sporting fundraiser – yeah, that’ll do it, PIZZA AHOY! Did you ever get hit up with that godawful McDonald’s orange “drink” that always showed up at school fundraisers when you were a kid? That stuff was tooth-rottingly disgusting – you know it’s bad when you can’t even convince 4th graders to drink it!

      And yes, that is some Hawaiian pizza action you see there on a couple of fingers. Another funny joke from that show I love so much, The Good Place, is that the only kind of pizza they serve in hell is Hawaiian (and for the briefest time, there was a pizza place in the actual Good Place called Hawaii 5-Dough, heh.) Supposedly a Canadian creation. Sorry, world.

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