Keep Climbing That Mountain

I experienced both the pros and cons of my low buy-turned-no buy this month when I first found myself feeling unflatteringly resentful about all of the things other people have been buying and I have not, and then wildly proud that because of our commitment to cutting back on unnecessary discretionary spending, we have already been able to pay for half of our now-booked Disney anniversary trip!  I’m so proud of this accomplishment, and it came about at just the right moment, precisely as our joint motivation was really beginning to wane.  Being financially virtuous is kind of a pain in the arse, and it’s no fun abstaining from the fun things in life, even with the promise of even funner things in the future.  So quite literally being able to put my money where my mouth is is a great feeling indeed. 🙂

We're goin back to Disney!

Other positives to this unintended no buy of a low buy?  Learning to identify other poor or lacking financial habits outside of the area of discretionary spending.  That’s one spending foe I thankfully seem to have vanquished – I haven’t made a wax purchase in over three months, and I doubt I’ve spent more than $75 on the non-essentials of life during that time either.  And as for the essentials, I’ve now begun paying a directed mind to them, looking for ways to maximize our hard-earned money.  But man, being virtuous truly sucks, and I miss the little rush that accompanies a new purchase.

However – and this would be another unintended positive – I don’t miss coughing up for exorbitant shipping fees on my online purchases.  International shipping fees are just beastly, and I can’t bring myself, even now with the benefit of hindsight and some gained wisdom, to make a full accounting of the shipping and customs fees I paid in 2017.  I have a feeling the number is terrifying.  And while we’re on the subject, I absolutely do not miss dealing with the always-clumsy postal system, nor do I miss guiltily breaking down reams of cardboard boxes to sneak out in stages so my neighbours don’t think I’m some sort of weird box hoarder (a candle hoarder, sure, but cardboard?  Never!)

And as I have noted the past three months running, a wonderful positive of the no buy-low buy is that I’m actually using up that which I did buy; my once fit-to-bursting stores are now merely bursting. 😉 And as I promised scent highlights, here’s one from this month – Rosegirls’ Mini Melters in the comfortingly cozy blend of Birthday Cake, Marshmallow Smoothie and Vanilla Bean Noel.  I actually used to really dislike Vanilla Bean Noel; there’s a musky note to it that does not always play well with some of the juicy fruit and berry scents I prefer.  But it is so darn scrumptious on its own, and it’s amazing in combination with fluffy marshmallow and rich, frosted cake.  This is a simple, “warm hug” kind of a scent – it just makes you feel cared for and comfortable.  Not bad work from a few hunks of scented wax!


Next month I really hope to find a bit of balance in my spending habits.  As in, I should not feel absolutely ridden with guilt because we ate out once in the past month.  Life happens and money needs to be spent – now I just need to learn to find a happy medium between the two states.  To another month of continued positive financial growth!

11 thoughts on “Keep Climbing That Mountain

  1. Bravissima! Kudos! Seriously, you should and must feel great about your spending restraint. I would NOT know:( but I’m trying harder, recently, the future is a little uncertain right now which puts wax spending in stark perspective.

    • Thanks so much! Although I’m feeling the pinch now – I’ve been eyeing a possible May (?) Mini Melter order and I’ve been making lots of customs blending lists. Danger, danger!

      • I’ve been poking myself in the eyes to avoid reading the RG preorder list, but somehow justify mini-melters, like, it’s still wax, plus there’s been a price increase since I last ordered them:/
        Customs=red alert, once you start creating them in your head, you must see them to fruition. Or maybe that’s just me. Don’t even tell me the next SMT cutom opening, I don’t want to know…do I?

      • Oof, I managed to steer clear, how about you? Did you withstand the epic lure? I found myself perusing the scent list on Saturday night and came up with maybe five or six things I was sort of interested in, and then decided that “sort of” wasn’t good enough. I’m really holding out for those sheet cakes!

        No ETA on the next customs opening, though, not that I’ve heard. I think they’re moving a bit slowly on the last batch, so the next one most likely won’t be until the middle of the summer, which means we’ll get them around, you know, December!

        I’ve been coming up with sooo many blends. I think I’ve got a winner in Marshmallow Noel Cake and Vanilla Bean Noel with a Willow’s Cuppy Cake overpour (it’s such a great cupcake scent, and I’m normally not very fond of cake smells.) Also another peppermint guy, because once I cut into my birthday sheet cake, it’s only a matter of time before I’m peppermint-less!

      • I didn’t order RG, but there were at least 5 I’d know I’d like. It was a tough willpower test. That’s great news for me about SMT! (I guess it would be slower going when you lose some customer orders and have to make them on the fly?)
        My goal is to abstain for April, May, June and maybe if things are lookin up then order again during July, would you kindly inform me of the date when you know for sure?

        I think I’ll experiment w/Marshmallow Noel Cake, I’ve always liked the sound of that one. Huh, there’s a nugget of info I learned about you, not into cake/cupcake? Neither am I but I do like a good sugary frosting scent

      • I’ll absolutely let you know. I like your cynicism, though – may be a good way to go into this! That way when it’s 2019 and our wax is still MIA, we can return to this thread and shake our heads at how we (me) never learn. 🙂

        I just want to eat whatever a Marshmallow Noel Cake (or Cake Noel) is – sounds scrumptious. Like it might be covered in that fluffy marshmallow icing that’s so bloody hard to make. Easier to eat, that’s for sure.

        Yeah, and the cake thing I should clarify as “yellow cake” smells. You know that horrible (to me) buttery cake scent of super cheap candles? That’s the one that gets me grumpy. Plus, there are some pretty yucky birthday cake scents out there – Sassy Girl’s was just awful. It smelled like funk, like something had gone off.

      • Ah yes, I’ve got no love for the generic yellow cake, I swear that’s what Yankee’s insanely popular Vanilla Cupcake is, I’ll never understand the hype.
        Re: SMT Opening Thank you! (I think) 😉

  2. Congratulations!!! Slowing down does allow for some perspective to creep in. I am so excited for you guys to go on your trip. If you are anything like me then the planning is a part of the joy too. I love hunting down places to eat and things to see. If you guys ever want to meet up for ice cream or something at Disney Springs while you are here let me know. ❤

    • Oh my gosh, Julie, I’d LOVE that! Yes, let’s meet up, absolutely. It’s still – oh my – six months away, so we’ve got time to plan, but we’ll be down from October 29th to November 9th. Surely we can find some time to share (?) a sundae in there (I don’t think I could do a Ghiardelli sundae myself, but they’ve got a salted caramel one topped with black Hawaiian sea salt that could potentially test that theory!)

      And yes, I love the planning part so, so much. A Disney trip now requires so much organization and cross-reference (I seriously sit in front of my computer with about four different browser tabs open, all with different parks calendars on them and whatnot) that it lends itself VERY well to all that planning joy. You should see our list of “Food to be Eaten at Disney!” It started out life at a solid 22 items and it’s now at 46. And one of those line items is “Eat everything at Food & Wine.”

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