Unicorn Dreams

Unicorn Schvitz Collage

To paraphrase Ed Helms’ little tiger-centric ditty in The Hangover, what do unicorns dream of, when they take their little unicorn snooze?  Do they dream of impaling idiots in expensive Etsy unicorn headbands, or even bigger idiots at Coachella in some holographic catsuits?

Okay, so I think the whole unicorn thing is a little played out.  I particularly dislike any of the numerous indie bath and beauty products named after any bodily function or fluid of a unicorn.  Seriously, that’s so gross, stop giving your products such off-putting names.

Still, slight diatribe aside, it’s the best descriptor I have for this polish, Liquid Sky Lacquer’s Dream – unicorn-y.  Just look at that rainbow flare!  And the tiny blue flakes and the micro shimmer, and the almost neon-looking holographic effect, too.

I love this polish so much, and I just had to dig it out of “Why don’t I wear this more often?” storage yesterday to take advantage of the dazzlingly bright sun and clear blue skies.  Because this was the weather we were experiencing here about a day and a half ago – total whiteout.  You know, just your standard, bitchingly lame springtime blizzard.  As you do.

And then today’s afternoon forecast is calling for more of the snowy same, only hopefully this time ever so slightly less fierce and roof-rippingly intense.  So good thing I got all these rainbow unicorn sparkles in while I could. 🙂

Unicorn Schvitz Bottle 2

6 thoughts on “Unicorn Dreams

    • I normally don’t like sun shots – most polishes look so much better in the shade where you can see some of the detail. But with a holo (especially this one!) you just MUST. 🙂 And oh my gosh, please let spring just take hold already. We’ve all had enough of this, I think.

  1. Oh man. The weather is not looking kind up there. But this polish is really dazzling. Yes, I agree the whole unicorn >insert body function here< thing is not very appealing. But this one isn't too bad. I am going to pop over and see if this polish is still available somewhere. I started painting my nails again and it feels good.

    • Isn’t it wretched? The weather, that is. And the weekend forecast is calling for hail, freezing rain, about a foot of snow and a possible ice storm. WHAT is going on?!

      I’ve no idea if Liquid Sky Lacquer is even still in business, and this is the only polish of their’s I ever got. It’s just a stunner. Cute story about this polish, actually – it’s the thing that kicked off my interest/involvement in wax. A blogger friend had a double of this polish and offered to give it to me, and when she sent it to me, she sent me a whole box of wax and bath and body goodies at the same time. 🙂 Nice little bit of nostalgia there.

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