They Say it’s Your Birthday

Birthday Collage.jpg

It’s my birthday, too!  No, actually, it really is – today I am *giant sigh* 41.  I won’t dare complain about it, though, as the alternative is pretty darn grim.  I’m just not feeling the celebratory thing this year, although I’m sure that will change once I’m half a whisky sour into tonight’s birthday steakhouse dinner; a lot can change once you add whisky sours to the mix. 😉

And so this afternoon, for my 41st, I’m enjoying a few of my favourite things – Dirty Dancing on the TV, pretty springtime Mickey nails and a thoroughly inedible birthday “cake.”

As always, my mani’s got me thinking about Disney.  I think this is the part where I’m supposed to say I want to be there RIGHT NOW, but I so don’t want to be there right now – right now is spring break, and spring break at Disney occupies its very own circle of Hell.  I saw photos yesterday of the lineup for Space Mountain that just about gave me a panic attack – it extended all the way out of the attraction and down to Auntie Gravity’s.  For those perhaps not as well versed in the Magic Kingdom’s geography as I, that’s a gigantic, four-plus hour lineup, easy.  Ugh, what a nightmare.  I’ll take this simple, springy mani over that any day, thank you, but especially on my birthday!  Ain’t nobody got time for that nonsense.

New 16

And as has been my little tradition now two years running, I blew out a candle and made a birthday wish on a decorated wax sheet cake from Sniff My Tarts.  I don’t have much of a sweet tooth – plus there’s that whole sure-to-be-indulgent dinner thing coming up – so this custom cake (featuring a blend of Peppermint, Coconut Cream Pie and Sticky Marshmallow) really fits the birthday bill.

BDay Cake

So happy birthday to me, and happy birthday to you, too, should you also be celebrating on this Friday the 13th.  To another great year!

20 thoughts on “They Say it’s Your Birthday

  1. Sounds like an indulgent/low-key birthday and very nice. I feel ya on the not so celebratory celebration; mine will be similar this year, if anything, less exciting. I even have to work on my birthday😐 But big celebrations are what 40ths are about, this year requires a lesser affair.
    Thoughts of Disney Spring Break just makes me laugh, getting through it could be a challenge (or road block) on the Amazing Race.

    I hope your steak was juicy, your whiskey the right amount of puckery, and your wax cake smelled as scrumptious as it looks.

    • Oh bummer, a working birthday. 😦 I mean, I suppose it’s not quite as big a deal when you’re all dinosaur-aged like we are, but working on your birthday should be outlawed for everyone, regardless of age. I’m proposing it as a new global ordinance.

      My whisky was quite delicious, thank you for wishing it so! And my dinner was great, although I almost liked the garlic mashed potatoes more than the prime rib (almost; what am I, some kind of vegetarian savage like my husband?)

      Disney Spring Break is the thing that would make the strongest Amazing Race team break in seconds. It actually looks worse than Christmas somehow. Like, pick your poison – entitled newbie families at Christmas or hoards of teenagers cuttin’ loose on Spring Break? Unpleasant choices, both.

      • Both those scenarios are nightmare fodder!
        Also, my husband loves a good prime rib and I’m a near vegetarian (I still eat chicken), it’s interesting that you are split though. Do you ever cook your own beef or only get it on the outside, as my hubby does?

      • I tend to eat vegetarian-ish when we’re at home, just because I don’t want to make two separate dishes, or even just another part to one dish, such a pain. So I tend to leave my meat-eating for dinner with my parents or dinner out. I’ve been vegetarian a time or two in my life, and I had been for about a year when my husband and I met. Do you just not care for meat, or is it a morals thing? It’s always been a morals thing with me – I have such a hard time with the living-but-yummy thing. It’s just flat out disgusting, and not a choice at all, I’m just a huge hypocrite, but here I am. 😦

      • It’s a complicated reasoning, but w/o sounding too much like a crazed conspiracy theorist I don’t trust the USDA meat inspectors which also oversee the US cattle industry. Conflict of interest, anyone?

        The number one reason isn’t moral, or else, I’m also a hypocrite (chickens are people too). But about 8-10 years ago, before my cancer diagnosis, I read a book exposing the link between beef and mad cow and a build-up of protein in the brain. The book was The Family that Couldn’t Sleep. About an Italian family with a rare hereditary disease, in which, at the age of menopause, both men and women lose the ability to sleep eventually leading to death. The book traced the origins of the disease to sheep (I don’t eat lamb either) but it was eye-opening enough to not want to eat red meat again. I’ll likely give up chicken if the equivalent of mad cow infects the chicken population. So to sum up, I don’t eat beef for health reasons. I don’t buy it or cook it, so Shel only gets his red meat on the outside (a healthier by proxy life).

      • That doesn’t sound crazed conspiracy theorist at all. There are so, so many flesh-born (for lack of a better, less disgusting term) afflictions out there, and some of them, like the one you’re talking about, can burrow straight down into your damn DNA, where it’s then passed on through generations…not to make light of it, but there was a great X Files episode from back in the day where Mulder and Scully exposed some sort of cannibal cult that was operating way under the radar of decent society (and of course, under the radar of the law) and what ultimately led to their downfall was that every one of them was succumbing to an extremely rare brain disease from, um, tainted meat, to use a Walking Dead term. So gross. Seems like a perfectly valid reason to me, and so much better than “Yeah, but…yummy!” It’s not a good look. 😦

      • When you talk X Files, you are speaking my language. I remember that episode and was fascinated and disgusted! X files was my first true fandom, uninfluenced by my siblings, friends or anyone else. One of the best shows of my lifetime, probs.

      • Of course you love(d?) the X Files! I wasn’t the hugest fan, but I watched a lot of the early episodes. I remember one Friday night in high school a bunch of us were all messing around with a ouija board as we watched the show – it felt like the right environment to get in touch with the supernatural. I kind of bowed out once they got into the heavy duty mythology stuff – Buffy’s the only show I’ve ever tolerated that from. I like a great through-line on a show, particularly one that pays off – if it does – over many seasons, but once they start getting bogged down with their own back story, eh, I’m kind of out. I like the one-off episodes.

        And we will never, ever, ever speak of the X Files episode that no one likes to talk about because it’s just so damn disturbing, and you totally know what I’m talking about, and now I’ve made you think about it, and I’m very sorry for that. 😦

      • Loved, past tense I suppose. Like most long running tv series, it burned brightly then fizzled, especially plotwise as first one then both main characters left the show. It’s one of the few shows my husband and I had in common when we were dating, so extra bonus nerd points.
        I hear ya on the story-arc stuff, every single time the cigarette smoking man appeared, I yawned dramatically. The one-offs were gold though.

        I don’t know of which episode you speak, unless of course it’s also the greatest most disturbing episode which caused a sleepless night when I watched it the one and only time, alone, in the dark @_@

      • Hillbillies. Hillbillies who REALLY love their mom. Nothing has shaken me like that one episode, and I know I’m not alone; it comes up a lot as a top pick for “Well, now I’m totally damaged!”

      • It’s how I feel about The Handmaid’s Tale, I suspect – I’m both repelled by it and curiously drawn to it. Sounds like a torture porny kind of slog, though, and I’m just so not down with being bummed out by my entertainment any more – please just ENTERTAIN me, put a smile on my face, make me laugh for a few moments. It’s one of the reasons I love The Good Place so much – it’s thought provoking, yes, but just such an enjoyable watch. I haven’t heard a single person say they enjoy Handmaid, although I’ve heard it’s just a phenomenal show.

      • I do love my feminist dystopian fiction, but I know whatcha mean. I’m sure it’s a gripping show, but in the most uncomfortable way. I loved reading the book about 8 years ago for a book club I was in, so many hidden meanings to uncover and I remember being buoyed by the vague-ish ending.

        I will get on that Good Place happy train at some point, maybe this summer. When I was in the heights (descents, bottoms?) of grief I actually couldn’t get enough of the Impractical Jokers series. Normally it’d be a cringer, but I just needed physical pranks and ridiculousness to pull me away.

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! Low-key and relaxed is my favorite way to spend a birthday. 41 will be great! You are treating your body well and you have a hugely exciting trip to anticipate and who knows what other good surprises in store.

    • Thanks, Julie, that’s so nice of you to say. 🙂 I’m feeling pretty good as well (I accidentally just wrote that as “feeling god” – I’m not feeling that good!) I absolutely cannot wait until our trip (bummer when the lead-time is half a year) and I’m super excited at the prospect of getting to meet you face to face! Or face-to-sundae-to-face. 🙂

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