Cherry Blossom Mickey

Cherry Blossom Mickey 1

Again with the Disney stuff, I know!  Yeah, yeah, I’m a broken record.  But a busted clock is right twice a day, or something like that.  Besides, our little customized vacation booklet (for our vacation in six months’ time; Disney are masters of the slow jam tease) arrived today and I’m getting ex-ci-ted!  We made up a list this week of all of the food items/experiences we’d like to try on our next trip, and the somehow incomplete list is 46 items strong.  And one of those I have listed as “Eat everything at Epcot Food & Wine.”  So.

However, you needn’t worry too, too much about my dieting motivation in light of all this gorging talk – the Disney Force is still very strong with my workouts, as evidenced by this pre-workout shot of me in my favourite Turkey Leg varsity tee.  Yes, that is a lot of Stephen King on the shelf behind me – things you already knew. 😉

Turkey Leg Workout

Anyhow, these cherry blossom nails with not-so-hidden Mickeys are in celebration of the fact that I may be able to stop griping about the other thing I’m always banging on about, and that’s the crap weather we have been, um, enjoying this protracted winter.  Because with temperatures predicted to be in the mid-teens this weekend, it looks like spring might actually be here to stay.  So cherry blossom season, just ever so slightly delayed.

Cherry Blossom Mickey 2

I say that now, of course.  I mean, I’m sure it’ll snow in July or something, just to spite me.  Yes, just to spite ME, I’m sure. 😉

4 thoughts on “Cherry Blossom Mickey

  1. I am really digging the turkey leg shirt for sure. And the nails are adorable! Perfect for a Tokyo Disney trip. I used to think turkey legs looked and smelled so amazingly good and finally one day I dug up the gumption to buy one and sadly discovered the thing is a hot mess of tendons and ligaments so eating it really does require looking like a cave man to tear any decent sized hunks of meat off. Ah well.

    • Yes, Tokyo Disney! Oh gosh, it’s a new entry on the old bucket list, although I can’t imagine how expensive it must be. You’ve been to Japan, yes? So I think you can confirm that it’s not the cheapest locale to visit, particularly when you add Disney to the mix. But the park is just incredible. It’s a technological wonderland. They’ve got a Pirates that makes Florida’s look like a fair attraction a bunch of carnies put up in half a day.

      Yup, there’s the image of a turkey leg I know and sort of love! The first time I ever really noticed them was when I saw this little girl, maybe four, sitting in a stroller RIPPING the skin off a turkey leg that was about half her size and just shoving the whole thing in her face. It was sooo gross! They’re gigantic, and I can see how the ligament thing – eeugh! – would be quite off-putting. Also, holy expensive! Those things are $13 now!

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