Nail Polish For Days

Polished For Days Collage 1

If you’re standing there gobsmacked, jaw hanging open in amazement and bewildered confusion, no, wonders have not ceased and your eyes are NOT deceiving you – this is an actual nail art-related post on this nail art blog!  I’d even go a step further and say it’s A post, period – I’ve been so remiss in providing any blogging updates that don’t involve D Who Shall Not Be Named, and for that I’m deeply sorry.  I aim to do better (#bloggoals.)

And so what pretties do we have here?  Well, three polishes – Polished For Days’ purple Fireflies, turquoise Willow and pink Unicorn – that broke my no buy fast, albeit via parentally-provided birthday funds.  So from a financial perspective, we’re still ahead of the game, although can I tell you how odd it was to actually spend money on something as seemingly frivolous as nail polish?  It felt weirdly illicit!  Also totally unfamiliar, perhaps because these three polishes represent the first lacquer I’ve purchased in over a year.  But heck of a way to break the fast, because this trio of polishes is stunning.  I nabbed these lacquers at Harlow & Co., where you’ll find a number of other gorgeous Polished For Days products, including some collection mates of Fireflies, Willow and Unicorn that are just itching to join their sisters in this good and loving home. 😉

Polished For Days Collage 2

First, a quick word about my selections – they are all wildly different polishes!  And that’s what I love about them, variety being the spice of life and all that.  Typically nail polish collections feature just one or two types of polish (creme, holographic, glitter, etc.) in a range of different colours.  In this case, the three polishes I chose are all completely different types that produce completely different effects.  The end result is I feel like I’ve gotten a lot more bang for my beauty buck far beyond a trio of beautifully unique polishes.

Fireflies Collage

Starting things off with my favourite of the lot, we have Fireflies, a soft, almost dusky periwinkle-to-rose-to-green multi-chrome holo laden with iridescent, colour-changing flakies.  Phew, that was a mouthful, non?  But what a wonderful polish, completely worthy of the overly long description.  I’m particularly smitten with the iridescent flakies that flash in the heathered purple depths of this lovely lacquer.

Fireflies 1

Also – and this is a complete rarity with purple, blue and purple-blue anything – Fireflies as photographed presents exactly as it does in real life, so the colour you’re seeing right now – that lush, gorgeous grape – is exactly as it looks on your hand.  The random colour-changing flakies also lend this polish a nebula-ish, intergalactic kind of look, perfect for those days when you’d like to rock a Guardians of the Galaxy manicure without two hours of prior toil with a dinky little detail brush.

Unicorn Collage

Next up we have my least favourite of the bunch – one had to be in third place, right? – Unicorn, a shimmery pink holo glitter sprinkled with iridescent, colour-changing flakies.  My issue with this polish is primarily one of consistency, in that I didn’t care for it – it applied thickly (though not unmanageably) and dried down to an almost textured-looking finish that, in combination with the not-so-flattering pink hue, reminds me of cheap polyester baby dresses, all crinkly sateen and crunchy lace trim.  On the nail, it regrettably doesn’t look as it does in the bottle – there it displays as a fuchsia-leaning pink shot through with warm, golden orange shimmer.  It was that unexpected (and unexpectedly gorgeous) colour combination that drew me to this polish in the first place, so it’s a shame that it all but disappeared once applied.

Unicorn 1

Unicorn is a nice enough polish and it will see some nail art use, but this one kind of annoys me – I’m loathe to spend money on stupid things these days, and this impulsive, not particularly inexpensive last minute choice (initially I was just going to go with Fireflies and Willow) has proven to be a poor one.  Lessons learned while I’m sitting here with nails that look like an electrified pink poodle?

Willow Collage

Finally, we have the showiest polish of the bunch, and a serious challenger to the Fireflies throne, turquoise-to-purple holographic micro-glitter, Willow.  Wowza, this polish is absolutely gorgeous, and photos are definitely not doing it the least bit of justice.  There is so much depth to this polish – streaks of purest ultraviolet and aquamarine flash with every twist of your hand.  It’s dazzling.  Definitely one of those “Don’t stare at it too long or you’ll go blind” kind of polishes. 😉

Willow 2

And so there we have it, a trio of beautiful birthday treats that should keep me in well-polished spirits until next year!  Although hopefully I can manage another nail post before then, yes?  Absolutely!

16 thoughts on “Nail Polish For Days

  1. Dang girl. These polishes had me over at Harlow making my first purchase in no time. Sadly Unicorn was sold out but I did get Willow and a few others. I discovered several of my polishes had solidified (mostly my glitters) so I dumped them and picked these up. The colors look insanely good on you. A festive way to celebrate your birthday for sure. Thank you for the heads up. ❤

    • That’s totally awesome, I love that you bought some! You are going to LOVE Willow; I actually think its name is wrong – should be called Mermaid, with those stunning, tropical waters-type of hues. They all apply very nicely, even Unicorn, which by the by, if you’d really like it, I’d be happy to pass along my bottle. I’m not *that* enamored with it that I’d hold it back from somebody who might give it a more loving home than I. 😉 I hope things go well with Harlow – they’re based out of Kitchener, which is actually just a few hours away from Ottawa. They’re the only place I’ve ever ordered from online where my stuff is delivered two days later. Bit of a different story down to Florida, but hopefully it’ll be the same old fantastic service for you. 🙂

      • Mermaid would be a perfect name!! I will definitely let you know how the order goes. I rarely order from Canada but I am usually happy when I do. Let’s just say I ordered enough for free shipping to US. 🙂 you are so sweet to think of me for Unicirn. Let me PP you money for it and to ship it please.

      • I’m so excited for you to get your order! I can’t wait to see what lovelies you scooped up. There was one dark, dark blue jelly one loaded with iridescent flakies that looked amazing – why didn’t I get that one (too)?!

        And really, I’d be happy to send this Unicorn trotting your direction, gratis. 🙂 I have an appley, custom pie slice from SMT that has your name on it as well. You can make it up to me when we share poutine at the Daily Poutine in Disney Springs. 🙂

      • I would LOVE to catch up at Disney Springs! We would be happy to treat you guys to some yumminess. Thank you again for your generosity. ❤ I keep looking up swatches now. I need to find that navy polish you are talking about.

      • I think it might have been Confetti? Which I see is now sold out. Cerberus and Aurora are also both gorgeous. Can’t wait to see what goodies you nabbed. 🙂

        Yes, yes, yes, meet the Julie, eat the ice cream and poutine at Disney Springs (like how I added ice cream in there?) Now we just have to wait half a year or so!

  2. These are just so very pretty. Fireflies and Willow are mesmerizing and would be right at home in D-. I have some boring general questions: how many coats do you use and do you top-coat, if so, do you ever grab a regular beauty store top coat or indie sellers for that too?
    Also, not boring, but general-How are you my friend? ❤

    • Oh, they’re so beautiful – I’m not feeling the least bit bad about parting with my money for them. 🙂

      Hmm, so details I really should be adding to my posts, because people DO want to know how many coats something takes or how hard a polish is to remove, etc. So let’s see…I put down a layer of base coat when I paint my nails with something blue, green or blue-green. Those colours stain like mad, and the base coat helps a bit. I use a brand called Seche Vite. They also make the topcoat I use, which is a quick dry topcoat I use after every mani, particularly the nail art stuff because it smooths everything out, really sharpens up the design and gives you a nice, diamond hard, glossy shine that really protects your mani. I still get chips and stuff, who doesn’t, but at least the Seche provides a TON of protection. I’ve gone through dozens of bottles of the stuff by now (it and the topcoat should be available at beauty supply stores, online nail supply vendors and sometimes even drugstores.) And in terms of coats, I’m a go-until-you-can’t-see-any-nail-lines kind of manicurist. So typically three coats. Most polishes take three coats, although Willow here, the turquoise one, only needed two because the polish itself was quite dense.

      And I am well, thank you for asking. 🙂 Just trying to ease into a new routine around our home. Also going to be doing some reno-type work soon (new hardwood, oh joy) which is always dumb. My parents are lifelong reno-ers, and I always swore when I got a place of my own I’d never do a thing to it, or at least not do a thing to it while I’m actively trying to live in the thing, but that’s not quite how home ownership works. Bummer.

      And how are you? Did I see that things are ramping up to be quite busy again for you? I guess as the school year starts to wind up, too, always lots to do then.

      • Oh, I almost forgot! I sent you your package, so there should hopefully be something nice arriving for you soon. I’ll send you a FB message with the tracking number. 🙂

      • Reno? I’m sure it will all be worth it, hope it goes smoothly.

        The end of the school year doesn’t mean as much to me personally since I work at the village library year-round, but it will get busier due to Summer reading programs, kids out of school, etc. For my husband, being off Summers usually equals a relaxing time. Not the case this year, things are very much uncertain and a possible life upheaval is coming. The thought of summer brings with it uncertainty, but we’re trying to remain positive.
        Tbh, things aren’t looking good at the moment and it’s insanely stressful, compounded by family obligations which are at a high point right now:/

        Soldiering on, enough complaining, maybe I’ll have a cup of tea and paint my nails this weekend to make myself feel better! Thanks for the info, and the Seche tip, it was helpful.

      • Eh, just reno-type stuff. But when you’re pulling up your floors, everything gets impacted whether you want it to or not. I really dislike living entre reno, as it were, because I’ve done it my entire life and it’s never not a drag. But we shall see.

        I’m so sorry to hear that you’re stressed and unhappy and dealing with family issues (perhaps they’re all one and the same thing.) And just having things otherwise unsettled in your life. None of that is particularly happiness-making. If we lived closer, I’d come and rescue you for an evening of infused cocktails and contemplative indie rock at a grotty pub with a cute bartender. Otherwise, just thinking about you, buddy, and wishing for the best.

      • Thanks, I’ve always felt just the act of wishing the best for someone helps. Sends out good energy into the ether, we’ll take it:)

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  4. Ooh, and just saw the package message, I’m looking forward to it. I also had to laugh at following up “soldiering on” with a cuppa tea and a manicure, lol!

    • Hey, a cuppa and a mani is a FINE way to spend a bit of downtime – and it sounds like you could certainly use it, AND deserve it. I did like your “solidering on” though – very, “Well. Enough of that silliness. Time to chill out with my tea.” 🙂

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