All Tangled Up

All Tangled Up

This manicure started out life as an allover floral design in celebration of the first glorious days of May (5 Days in May, perhaps?  That’s a Blue Rodeo joke, and I don’t think I could possibly be more Canadian than I am right now.)  Anyhow, after I had pulled out an assortment of polishes in the exact same hues as Rapunzel’s dress in the animated movie Tangled, I decided to go with that instead.  I always think the scene where Rapunzel and Flynn Rider go to the lantern festival in the kingdom is very May Day in its depiction, so this fits.

And because it’s my blog and I’ll talk about Disney if I want to, here’s a photo of Mr. Finger Candy posing in front of the Tangled bathrooms (yes, bathrooms, and they are the loveliest lavatories on property) during our Halloween 2017 trip.  Turns out both he AND Vladamir enjoy collecting ceramic unicorns, who knew?!


5 thoughts on “All Tangled Up

  1. Very pretty and perfect for spring! We loved Tangled in our household—it’s one of our little boy’s first favorite movies! He wants a man-bag just like Eugene’s.
    And more love for Blue Rodeo 💙
    I would never have guessed Mr. Finger Candy likes ceramic unicorns. 😀

    • In my head Chow from the Hangover movies is screeching, “It’s not a satchel, okay?! It’s a purse!” I love Eugene’s bag as well – actually, his whole aesthetic is pretty dope. Gotta respect a man who can rock a jean vest with cutoff sleeves (I actually think it’s supposed to be leather, but let’s go with the Canadian tuxedo thing – then we can claim him as one of our own!) It’s such a wonderful movie, glad you love it, too. I could listen to the soundtrack all day long.

      And just Blue Rodeo everything. They make me think of home. 🙂

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