Team Turkey Leg!

Turkey Leg

I have a real love/hate relationship with Disney’s iconic smoked turkey legs.  On the one hand, turkey legs, much like hams, are just a hilariously-shaped food; they lend themselves quite well to interpretations via graphic design.  But then on the other hand, I think they’re utterly, utterly disgusting – a friend who’s had one described it as being “quite tendon-y.”  Ack!  And they’re so expensive!  $12.95 at the Animal Kingdom (please don’t even get me started on the moral incongruity of an animal-centered theme park offering animal on-the-bone as a smoked snack – I might have a lot to say on the subject.)

But mostly I just can’t hack the very common sight of a family of four sharing one massive turkey leg, dad holding on to what used to be, I dunno, the poor turkey’s femur while the kids dart forward to nab meat off the bone like little velociraptors.  It’s off-putting enough as a description – just imagine what it looks like in real life!

But turkey legs in theory?  Hilarious!  That’s just good comedy right there, something Disney is leaning into with its collection of turkey leg gear, like this fly tee I nabbed at Epcot.  I’ve hyped this awesome turkey leg t-shirt before – it’s my favourite thing to wear when I’m working out (shown here alongside some frozen treat socks, featuring that other bafflingly popular Disney snack, Dole Whip.)

Snack Merch Collage

I actually wore it during my workout this morning, along with this turkey leg mani – plump turkey legs as set against the colours of the four parks (or at least what I think are the colours associated with the parks, silver for Epcot, green for Animal Kingdom, coral for Hollywood Studios and baby blue for the Magic Kingdom.)  Because of course you can find turkey legs at all four parks (and probably a lot of other places I’m unaware of; I think turkey legs at Disney may be a bit like spiders – supposedly we’re all only feet away from one at all times!)

12 thoughts on “Team Turkey Leg!

  1. Whilst I was over visiting I desperately wanted to buy a turkey leg but for some reason I just couldn’t physically bring myself to do so. They just looked so darn delicious! But on the other hand they were also disgustingly grotesque.

    • Oh lord, I’m so sorry for the non-response here – I’m a very bad blogger! But I completely understand your hesitancy to actually hand over cash for one of those things – disgustingly grotesque is the very best way of describing them. It’s madness watching one entire family snack off one – eeugh!

  2. I can vouch for the nasty taste of the turkey leg. After going several times and hearing oh you have to get the turkey leg. We finally got one. I wish we hadn’t. SOOO SALTY. And that’s an understatement. Tastes like nasty ham and not turkey. Super greasy. Hard to eat as a family. Never again.

    • Oh, ick. A friend has also reported that the one she enjoyed (?) was “quite tendony.” Ick times a million. My husband’s a vegetarian, so there’s another great excuse for avoiding the turkey legs; I couldn’t possibly eat one myself, even if I wanted to!

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