Rose Gold Mickey

Rose Gold 3

Rose gold anything is currently THE jammiest of the jams down Disney way.  Whether it’s glittery Minnie ears, teeny little mini backpacks, cupcakes, macarons and churros or those weirdly misshapen spirit jerseys (“spirit jersey” is apparently fashion speak for a gigantic sweatshirt with zero tailoring) rose gold is well represented in the parks and beyond.  This ballet pink polish, KB Shimmer’s Turning Pointe, is THE rose gold ideal; if they sold it in the parks (or at one of the cute little boutique beauty stores in Disney Springs) there’d be lineups out the door for this blush-hued beauty.

Rose Gold 2

I’m not quite so sold on the whole rose gold deal.  My phone is actually in rose gold, although you’d never know it; it’s typically enrobed in a fetching protective ensemble of neon pink and turquoise rubber.  But when it comes to the Disney stuff, I wasn’t too crushed when I couldn’t find any rose gold Minnie ears when we were there at Christmas; not too surprisingly, I prefer the ones with, I dunno, donuts for ears or a giant cupcake right on top in the place of a bow.  I mean, if you’re wearing mouse ears in public, wear mouse ears in public and staple some sort of foodstuff to your head.  You know it’s what I’d do (um, it IS what I do!)

Rose Gold 1

I’m also trying something new this week, or new-to-now – daily posting and daily nail art.  I’m out of practice on both and I miss my little lacquered corner of the sky; time to pay it some much-needed attention.  A demain, friends.

5 thoughts on “Rose Gold Mickey

  1. I am guilty of being heavily into rose gold polishes. I picked up two versions from Polished For Days. I don’t really have anything else in those colors though (my daughters new shoes on the other hand… or foot…). All the new customized Mickey ears look so fun. And I love the holo in this polish. Guess who bit off all her nails once again? Back to the drawing board.

    • I think rose gold is just beautiful, and so flattering – it looks really great against so many different colours of skin. And your daughter’s shoes are AWESOME; I love the funky detailing along the outer edges of the soles. She gonna be flashy in thems, for sure! Those customizable ears are so stinkin’ cute, too – I like the little bows that you can swap out, there’s a very cute Cheshire Cat one. In preparation for our trip (trips?) I bought two pairs of ears off Etsy (Gaston and Ursula) – can’t wait to show them to you. 🙂

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