Having a (Gum) Ball

Having a (Gum)Ball

Well, would you look at that – nail art for the second day in a row, just like I promised yesterday!  I probably shouldn’t be quite so excited about just honouring a rather easy-to-hold promise, but as I mentioned, oh, months ago now, I’ve been having a lot of difficulty motivating myself in the direction of my nail art supplies, so this really is quite an accomplishment.  Today I’m featuring a simple gum ball-type design, quite easy – just dots made with a dotting tool and a handful of rainbow-hued polishes – but still very striking.  Actual candy for these fingers. 😉

5 thoughts on “Having a (Gum) Ball

    • Ball pits! I guess I’m lucky (?) in that there’s always been an Ikea in my city – when I was a kid my parents used to take me to the ball pit, and when I go with my friends with their kids now, we drop them off at the ball pit area to play while we get wine and meatballs in the cafeteria! Oh man, I can practically smell that ball pit smell…

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