Dinglehopper 1

Also known as Ariel, the Little Mermaid’s styling tool of choice.  Dang, that girl manages to look so great given all the DIY fashion she’s got going on (shells, dinglehoppers, fetching burlap sacks.)  Prince Eric is such a dummy, though – Ariel really shouldn’t waste her hotness on him.  She’d seriously be better off with the crustacean-murdering chef at his castle.  Or one of Ursula’s eels.  Eric is totally the worst!

I think this post may have gotten away from me a bit. 😉  Just some mermaid nails for the summer solstice.  I’m sure Ariel’s enjoying the extra daylight hours.  To the rest of the summer!

Dinglehopper 2

4 thoughts on “Dinglehopper

  1. So how do you really feel about Eric?? I admit, he’s no Beast, or even Gaston but jeez this is a surprising amount of Eric-centered hate. Which made me curious, who is your fave Disney prince? And princess?

    • Ha, I *do* give it to Eric more than any of the other princes, and he’s actually far from the dippiest (that would be Prince Charming, I guess he’s called, from Sleeping Beauty – I’m not even sure if he’s got dialogue, let alone an actual name!) As for Disney princes, I like Flynn Rider (yes, Flynn Rider, and not his alter ego, Eugene; Flynn might be a cocky butthole, but he’s got a great sense of humour, and let’s not forget all that smolder.) Prince Edward from Enchanted is hilarious – he’s such an endearing nitwit. Don’t know if he could be considered a prince per se, but Ralph (of Wreck-It Ralph) is another one with a big heart (probably literally) and you know you’d never want for laughs hanging around a dude like that. Eric is just so…eh? Eh? and pretty.

      Let’s see, the real tough question, though, my favourite Disney princess…I love Vanellope Von Schweetz from Wreck-It Ralph; she’s a little shit disturber. Merida of Brave is also totally awesome – I like seeing a badass Celtic girl getting it done. Rapunzel from Tangled and Princess Anna from Frozen are also both princesses I’d like to hang out with. Snow White’s outfit is the best, though, no doubt – that yellow, red, white and navy blue colour combo is to die for. Or at least eat a poisoned apple over. 😉

      How about you? Any princes and princesses that ring your chimes more than others?

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