Remembering the Riverside

Resort Collage Exterior

And just when you thought I had stopped yammering about this place!  But the Port Orleans Riverside at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is our favourite place to stay on property, and I apparently have lots more to say on the subject.  So much more, actually, I made up this neat little video for our YouTube channel, Park or Perish!, extolling this great resort’s many awesome qualities.  Please do check it out and at least have a good chuckle at the weirdness of my voice, if you’d be so kind. 🙂  And who knows, maybe you’ll see something you like well enough to get you down to the Riverside as well for your next Disney vacation.

4 thoughts on “Remembering the Riverside

  1. Thank you for sharing! I have stewed here and loved it! I even tried the crawfish sandwich! 💜 I have a blog tea party on the 3rd and I’m encouraging my blog readers to drop their link off on my posts. Would you care to share your world with us?

    • Hey, I had crawfish as well – the etouffe (and it was delicious.) I’d love to contribute to your tea party (is that what they’re called? So cute.) Would you like me to contribute this post, or another? I have quite a bit of Disney content I’ve published in the last six months. Thanks again for the sweet offer. 🙂

  2. We stayed at Port Orleans once before we went on the Disney Cruise when I was 19. It was a cool place. I should take the girls there just to walk around. We went to Disney Springs this past weekend after we visited Typhoon Lagoon. Lots of Disney fun. ❤

    • It’s just such a lovely space – like a perfectly picturesque, completely idealized version of the south (what, you mean there aren’t antebellum style houses on the edge of a gently lapping river ALL over Florida?!) It’s such a quiet resort, too, given its popularity.

      Typhoon Lagoon! I haven’t been there in, oh, over 20 years. Last time I was there they still had the shark swim experience (and despite being totally terrified of sharks, I did it! Still don’t quite know WHY I did it, but it was fun, sharks are dope when they’re not biting you.) 🙂 I hope you guys had a nice time. Do you hit the slides with the girls (do THEY hit the slides?) or are you one of those sensible types sitting in the sweet shade under an umbrella on the beach? I’m that idiot that’s all the way in the very farthest reaches of the wave pool trying to hang 10 (badly!)

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