Passholder Pride!

Passholder 1

So here’s that thing I was so very proud of that I wanted to show you, but first needed a something to show, but the something got caught up in transit, and so I had nothing to show.  Thing thing thing, show show show!

*Ahem* So the thing I was so very proud of – the physical proof of which was indeed caught in a sort of transit – is that thanks to our year-long diligence in cutting back, watching our spending and enjoying that which we already have, we were able to become Disney World annual passholders!  That’s kind of big deal, right, it’s not just my imagination? 🙂  But for what we have planned for the next 365 days, it made the most financial sense, and that’s on a cost-of-tickets basis alone; the extra little perks like money off dining, merchandise, entertainment and accommodations and special, passholder-exclusive offers are just that – extra little perks (and already well-used, thanks to our Labour Day long weekend trip!)

Passholder 3

Anyhow, it’s been a donkey’s age since I’ve done any nail art, and so I thought I’d do a manicure celebrating this awesome – and awesomely fun – financial milestone.  I am so, so proud of us for making this happen, as silly as it may seem.  Which I bet to many of you is very silly.  And I’m cool with that; the Peter Pan approach to life is not for everyone.  But consider that Mr. Finger Candy and I have decided to just get out there and fully immerse ourselves in the Deep Disney State – anything we can do to save money while we’re out being dorky dreamers is going to be a help.

Passholder 4

TL;DR: While year-long passes to four of the world’s most popular theme parks may seem like a gigantic financial leap, it’s a chasm we easily crossed thanks to our very best efforts in reining in our spending and dedicating everything extra to this one financial goal.  I love that we worked toward a goal and met it.  Gotta say, it feels pretty darn great!  Just like these nails – I’ve missed doing nail art, must really aspire to feature more of it here on this, uh, nail art blog. 😉

Passholder 2

6 thoughts on “Passholder Pride!

  1. Congratulations!!! This is a huge deal! And it will totally be worth as you have already seen during your most recent trip. I am excited for you guys. And I love your nail art. We are going to become Universal passholders next year when we move to Orlando. It only makes sense. Adam and I are already looking forward to date night at the Three Broomsticks with ice cream at Florean Fortescue’s and a ride on the Hogwarts Express. I think we have agreed to take the girls to the Mickey’s Christmas Party this year if we can. I am excited for you guys, once again. Have fun and I look forward to seeing you soon!

    • Well, that sounds like a perfectly magical date night! You would never know it, but we used to be bigger Universal nuts than Disney, and my husband’s a big time Harry Potter goober. So I thought we’d have gotten back to Universal by now (it’s been nearly 14 years!) but Disney’s where it’s at for now. 🙂 I fully support your plan to get passes – quite selfishly, that means we would just have to come and visit you during a trip to Universal!

      We’re going to the Christmas party this year as well, although we didn’t last year (they start up on the 8th of November.) I seem to remember you’re a big fan of the Processional at Epcot, but you’re thinking about the Magic Kingdom this year? It’s a rather incredible experience, the park during the holidays – it definitely gets the most attention out of all of them in terms of special holiday things, but MGM does its best as well. Sorry, Hollywood Studios! I’m stubbornly old school about that.

  2. I didn’t quite understand the meaning of the pass card until a thorough reading. I thought, oh a ride pass mani, cute! But woah, guys that’s a major deal and commitment. It’s great you can spend time doing what you love, vlogging it and having the financial resources to make it happen. An inspiration indeed. Living that Mickey life should be a magical, but attainable dream-one that would make old Walt himself proud, that’s what it’s all about, right?
    Another thought-so many flights @_@, a better thought: my boss’s parents are in their 70s, live in southern Tennessee and are annual passholders (even post-stroke recovery for her mom) and soak it up as much as they can, making it their official business to discover all the ins-and-outs of Disney parkhood. I thought they were slightly off their rockers, now I think I’ve glimpsed your very fun futures:)

    • Oh no, they ARE off their rockers! But I suspect they just don’t care – good on them for just going for it. We will gladly follow in their wackadoo footsteps – I’m happy that you see fun in our futures. 🙂 But yes, commitment – it feels very big. And also like we need to get down there frequently, which boo hoo, like that would be so terrible!

      But thank you for your kind words, I’m very proud of us, too, and I think Walt might be as well – and I think he’d be utterly gobsmacked at what his World of Disney looks like today (not now because we’re committed to Florida for the next year, but I’d love to go to California to Disneyland; it’s got all that fantastic Walt history at work there. That’s how you know you’ve gotten older, and hopefully a bit wiser, by the way – you go to a theme park and instead of eating popcorn and turning yourself inside out, you want to get edumacated. I spend so much time wondering about the stuff behind the stuff, you know?)

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