Fall Fun Fridays: Something’s Smelling Good

Fall Wax Dregs

My favourite scene in Ghostbusters is an early one in the library in which Dan Aykroyd’s Dr. Raymond Stantz furiously shushes his partners-in-busting, and then cries out, “Listen!” before excitedly asking, “Do you smell that?!”  It’s a weird (and very funny) sensory disconnect, and one I always think of when I’m trying to describe in words how something smells.  It’s a writing skill – make no mistake, it is a skill – I do not possess.

But my blogging friends Jay of The Scented Library and Julie of The Redolent Mermaid do possess that skill (come to me when you need 2,500 words on a cat’s toe tufts) which is why we’ve partnered up to bring you a few fun Fall posts, starting with our favourite Fall scents.  Both Jay and Julie have impeccable taste in home and personal fragrance, and a real flair for describing scents in rich, evocative terms without ever once invoking the word “cupcakey.”  So I would direct you over to their wonderful blogs to see what sort of festive Fall scents are sweetly perfuming their lives as we kick off what I hope will be a lovely autumn.

Jay at The Scented Library

Julie at The Redolent Mermaid

As for me, I’m down to the utter dregs of my once-grand wax collection (balsam, hot chocolate and kiwi are totally compatible scent notes, right?!) with virtually nothing remaining but for this small handful of scents I held back in the event of just such an autumnal blogging eventuality.  This tiny bounty actually represents a solid third of my remaining wax collection – I have been nothing this year but utterly dedicated to reining in my discretionary spending, and this is where my efforts have really come home to roost.  It’s kind of one of those good-for-life, bad-for-blogging sort of situations!

Ah, but all is not completely lost; I still have a few Fall favourites, and here they are:

Moving from left to right, we have a rather shabby looking Demented Duck from The Melting Duck in Heads Will Roll, a pumpkin cupcake and candy corn blend.  You would not know that this dingy little duck started out life in lush, vibrant shades of jungle green, tomato red and marigold yellow, would you?  Well, he did!  But thankfully, colourfastness (or a lack thereof) does not typically impact a wax melt’s scent, and this one still smells great – very much like carnival snacks, all unidentifiably yummy glazes and crunchy, sugary sweets.

Fresh Duck

Beside my sole remaining Demented Duck we have a Rosegirls Scoopable in Paul Bunyan’s French Toast.  At three years old, this half-finished jar of wax is the oldest in my collection and smells not one bit different than it did the very first day I cracked it open – like brown-sugar dusted sweets and wood shavings.  I swear it’s a nicer scent than I’m implying; it just doesn’t see a lot of action because no matter the scent, the Scoopable formulations give my husband terrible headaches and a frantic case of the sneezes.

To the right of the Scoopable we have my one remaining chunk of a custom Sniff My Tarts blend I like to call Miss Apple Fritter after Cars 3’s derby-racing school bus, Miss Fritter.  Also because I think this blend of Apple Cider Latte, Ice Cream Scoop Bread and Vanilla Waffle Cone – perhaps the best blend I have ever created – smells just like a warm, cakey apple fritter.  Sometimes the naming thing is really just that simple, folks. 😉

Sniff My Tarts Custom 2 - Apple Cider Latte Pie 1

Finally, dotted along the bottom we have the final five pieces of The Melting Duck’s All Hallow’s Eve, another sugar smackery blend of candy corn, pumpkin cupcakes, buttercream crunch cake and caramel corn.  These shapes are so stinkin’ cute, and I just adore The Melting Duck’s heavy-handed approach to mica – it always creates the most amazingly beautiful, shimmery pools of wax.  I’ll freely admit that that’s a weird thing to derive enjoyment from, but whatever floats your boat on the first Friday of the Fall, right?!  To an excellent autumn, and more fun blogging adventures. 🙂

Sugar Skulls

Wax Pool

5 thoughts on “Fall Fun Fridays: Something’s Smelling Good

  1. That duck reminds me of the kinda creepy toy duck from Nightmare Before Christmas that gets gifted to some poor unwitting child. Zombie-esque. You really aren’t kidding about those gorgeous mica pools. Bohemienne Life is good about making those too. So pretty. The sad part is that my warmers are either too high or in too dark places for me to enjoy that effect. I am excited I got to melt that SMT blend. Thank you so very much for sharing it with me. ❤

    • That’s it! The duck is zombiefying, that’s the only explanation for the colours getting all dank and moldy looking (doesn’t smell dank and moldy, thankfully!) And the Melting Duck has the nicest looking wax pools, in my estimation – all that shimmer, and the colours they choose are always so nice and unexpected. Really looking forward to my little order showing itself soon. 🙂 And you are so welcome for sharing – that’s why you get a big old pie of the good ones, right? 😉

  2. Oh yeah, here’s to plenty of fall fun blogging. And what’s this nonsense about not describing scents evocatively, you do so. Not to mention your personal spin and relating whatever you’re melting to some aspect of pop culture hooks me every time. But, thank you for the compliments, I’m blushing ❤ I've long since accepted that Julie tells stories, I describe-but I try and find something to add to a scent discussion and I'm constantly learning.
    Now then, you are bringing out the dregs, but Mrs. Apple Fritter will never be one of them-I'm unreasonably exited to have my own version coming soon-ish!!

    The entire GB opening library sequence and resulting ghost-catching scene are brilliant moments in film history. After viewing the movie at the theater, I quoted it for months. Ghostbuster for life! (R.I.P. Harold Ramis).

    • Aw, now I’m the one blushing – thank YOU for the compliments. 🙂

      You said you liked the Goldbergs or you used to watch it? I loved the Ghostbusters episode, or the time Adam and Pops dressed up like Ghostbusters – so cute. Also the kids from Stranger Things season 2; how stinkin adorable were they in their little busting outfits? Good grief, they’re going to be huge – like, proper human beings – by the time season 3 comes around.

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