(Finger) Food for (Blogging) Thought

5th Anniversary Collage

So many ellipses!  But that’s this blog, isn’t it, thoughts within thoughts within thoughts?  With the occasional bit of nail art.  You know, when I’m not yakking on about Disney or The Lost Boys. 😉

This blog recently celebrated its fifth anniversary!  In celebration, I went through just a little over 1,500 published posts and pulled a large assortment of food-related manicures – the candy (and cocktails, and baked goods, and turkey legs) of Finger Candy.

Some things I learned from this forensic examination of my blog?  I REALLY like painting my nails to look like food; 152 chow-related manis bear out that assertion.  Also, while I’m very fond of and actually prefer the free-handed approach to nail art, I have leaned on my food-shaped nail charms time and time again, particularly the multi-coloured lollipop charms.  They were a great investment.  Also-also, the further back you go in my blogging timeline, the dodgier my nail art becomes.  In those early days I just had no idea how to compose or properly light a photo, or even how to hold my hand!  It’s not a problem if I just hold it upside down, right?

Below you’ll find a number of collages I created highlighting many – but not all – of the food-related manicures I’ve done over five years of blogging, divided by theme.  Or in this case, divided by grocery department.  I hope you enjoy this look into a huge, happy part of my life!  And if you’d like to take a closer peek at any of these posts, please just click on the “Food and Candy Designs” tag on the right-hand side of the page.  Now someone break out the cake to celebrate this thing so I can eat it…and then paint it on my nails. 😉  To another five years!

Finger Candy

5th Anniversary Candy Collage

Baked Goods

5th Anniversary Baked Goods Collage

Fresh and Fruity (and Veggie-y)

5th Anniversary Fruit and Veg Collage

Drinky Drinky

5th Anniversary Beverage Collage

Savoury Snacks

5th Anniversary Savoury Collage

Icy Sweets

5th Anniversary Icy Sweets Collage

5 thoughts on “(Finger) Food for (Blogging) Thought

  1. Happy 5 Years!!! What a wonderful milestone! Congratulations! I enjoyed looking at all these beautiful and colorful manicures. You really do have a flair for the foodie art. I don’t think I have ever asked, but do you paint on canvas too?

    • Thanks, Julie! I was saying to a friend that I love putting all my manis together into these kind of collages – really exposes my weakness for food-related nail art! I do very occasionally paint on canvas, usually at Christmas I’ll do something goofy for my mom, but generally, I’m pretty rough at the art-art stuff. If it’s meant to look like a real thing, count me out – everything comes out looking like bubbly anime!

    • Thank you, that’s so nice of you to say! I hope I can keep you entertained while you’re minding the wee one. I think I remember that you’re local, too, right? I hope you weren’t too impacted by the tornado(es) either (having said that, a friend of mine in Ohio got tornado warnings the same afternoon we did, although they ultimately failed to materialize.)

      • Yes, I am. Luckily we weren’t as badly affected – only lost power for about 22 hrs, which seems like nothing compared to what some endured. Baby went into full party mode when she saw the candles everywhere!

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