Pests Be Pestin’

“Sandra,” you are most likely not thinking, “it has been an eternity since you’ve yammered in our faces about Disney.  Why so taciturn?”  Or something to that effect. 😉 Well, that’s because I’ve moved the majority of my Disney blindness over to both Instagram (find me at park_or_perish, or click on the IG link in my sidebar) and YouTube.

I’m particularly proud of our little YouTube channel, Park or Perish!, because I am notoriously tech-unfriendly.  I have accidentally destroyed more expensive electronics than my parents definitely would have preferred (on our wedding day, my dad pulled Mr. Finger Candy aside and, in his usual droll manner, said, “Well, she’s “yours” now.  But you do know she destroys electronics, right?”) and in university an emergency infusion of McDonalds was the only thing that held off a complete breakdown during the Online Editing Session From Hell, 1999 edition.  Holy crap I’m old.  Anyhow, I’m bad with tech.  Basically, if it deals with “stuff,” I will find a way of accidentally trashing that stuff and, I dunno, stapling it to myself or something.  I’m really kind of an incredible klutz for someone who took dance lessons for 20 years.

But I digress.  As always.  What I was trying to say is for someone so inept at the “business” side of blogging, and just generally anything having to do with tech, I’m super proud of myself for learning a little video editing program so I could launch our YouTube channel.  I’ve pulled off some not totally unfortunate edits, and I love to edit sound – it’s nitpicky work, but so satisfying when your timing finally snugs into place seamlessly.  YouTube also represents its very own particular little publishing quagmire; it took me more than a couple of test runs to work out the bugs.  None of this stuff comes naturally to me, so I’m really quite pleased that I’ve been able to jump in with both feet regardless.

So that’s where the Disney has scampered off to – it went off to seek adventure in the great wide somewhere known as Instagram and YouTube!  I made this video this weekend, and I thought I’d share it with you.  It’s all about the Disney nevers you know we’ll probably never actually respect; Disney has a particular knack for dulling one’s sense and reason, or at least our sense and reason.  I hope you’ll check it out, and thanks so much for being a great virtual neighbour!

10 thoughts on “Pests Be Pestin’

  1. I’m behind on my park or perish viewing, hope to get to some watchin in soon. Shout out to sisters in klutziness, I’ve never held onto a handful of anything w/o dropping it and am hard on tech, the worst!

    • Aw, you’re too kind to attempt to keep up with it in the first place. 🙂 I also once got milk IN our VCR. I was really young, but I’ll still never understand how that one happened.

      • Oh, and do you refer to yourself as Cassandra? Shel thought he heard that in a recent vlog…speaking of you’d be a dream Disney travel channel host.😋

      • P.S. I’m through 9 episodes of The Good Place, season 1 and I’m just waiting for the opportune moment to tell someone, “I just ethicsed you in the face!” Lol🤓

      • Episode 10 kicks off an amazing little run of episodes, and it just keeps up for all of the rest of season 1 and season 2, and I’m so pleased to report that it’s business as excellent usual during the currently-airing third season. Oh gosh, I hope you’re loving it! Eleanor is kind of awful in the most normal way possible – we all know an Eleanor, maybe are an actual Eleanor, shudder to think. But Jason/Jianyu is the BEST – his character should be awful, but he’s just so sweet and doofy, you can hardly be critical of the guy.

      • Ha! Yeah, sometimes I’ll listen to these things afterwards and I’ll think, “That is so my travelogue announcer voice.” I always think it sounds too pert, too solicitous. Maybe I need to start swearing at people more.

        Speaking of, Cassandra sounds like she might cuss like a longshorewoman! But no, it’s straight up Sandra, nothing so sex-ay as Cassandra. Sounds like I was not e-nun-ci-ating. 😉

      • I love it! AND I’ll take it, too! Much better than Sandy (perish the thought – there’s been, like, two people my entire life I’ve allowed to call me Sandy. Not my favourite contraction.)

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