Fall Fun Fridays: The Failing Grade Edition

Tree Collage

Good morning, friends, and welcome to another beautiful autumn Friday!  As of late, the weather around my neck of the global woods has been quite uneven – one moment it’s so cold, we’re all breaking out our toques and parkas, and the next it’s so dank and humid, we’re firing up the air conditioners for one last summery go-round.  But there’s only one way this all ends, and that’s with snow.  I suppose that’ll be here soon enough.

So being the end of the work week and all, it’s time for another edition of Fall Fun Fridays, the casual little blogging challenge I’ve been, let’s face it, whiffing hardcore with my friends Jay of The Scented Library and Julie of The Redolent Mermaid, who are decidedly not whiffing it.  Excuses, excuses, but my Fall has been rather disrupted by ongoing renovations to our apartment.  They’re not going super well, I keep injuring myself (I’m looking down at a throbbing cut on my thumb right now for which I probably should have sought stitches) and I haven’t been able to put out any of my usual decorations, including my beloved Halloween town.  Here, let’s take a peek at it from two seasons ago; that’ll make me feel peppier.

Halloween Town

Anyhow, all that to say I haven’t exactly been feeling the Fall this year, as the kids might say.  Looks like it’ll take another emergency infusion of Disney’s absolutely bonkers approach to the season to set things right – fortunate, since we’ll be back in about two weeks’ time. 🙂

This week’s prompt contemplated hands-on activities – your favourite Fall recipe, craft or some other DIY-able.  I’m actually right in the midst of putting together some fortifying chicken stew for dinner tonight with my parents – that seems like a very autumn dish.  But it won’t be ready for – *checks time* – oh, another five or so hours!  So until the timer goes off, I’d kindly direct you on over to my friends’ blogs, where they’re sure to have pulled out all the seasonal stops.  Happy weekend, friends; hope you get a few moments to get out there and enjoy all it has to offer.

8 thoughts on “Fall Fun Fridays: The Failing Grade Edition

  1. 😕 Sorry bout not feeling fall, if I hadn’t spread out my crafts and recipes over a month and a half, I wouldn’t have summoned the motivation myself. Speaking of summoning, were visiting a lil old local cemetery today. Maybe that will spark a mood, I’ve yet to put up a single Halloween decoration this year

    • I loved the cemetery pictures you posted on IG. And that’s totally what I used to do with my parents when I was a kid and we’d go on holiday – tromping around a cemetery or some historic home. It’s weird, educational, quiet fun. 🙂

    • My capacity to hurt myself seemingly knows no bounds – it’s just splinters and weird cuts and things sailing through the air and hitting me in the face all over the place! Well, here’s to the two of us remaining uninjured and getting these darn renos done already. 🙂

  2. I understand about not being in the fall festivity mood. I get like that some times. I am sure Disney will be just the ticket though. That last photo of the clouds that go on for miles and miles in perspective and the fall colors on the trees is one of my favorites. I hope you guys are getting excited about your trip!!

    • We are getting SO excited! Also very nervous – I’m a terrible flyer, and so sleep or peace or rest over the next couple of days is just not going to happen, I’m that anxious already. 😦 ‘Tis the one drawback to these trips – I have to get on a plane to enjoy them!

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