Dots 1

Because the colours I used in this manicure are quite Frankenstein-y, no?  Also because the topcoat I used (name withheld to protect the cruddy) dragged most of the polish off the dots, giving these nails a very undone sort of look.  It really doesn’t help that by adding the matte topcoat (name also withheld to protect the likewise cruddy) it caused the polish at the very edges of my nails to pucker.  Or maybe it does help – I’m sure Frankenstein’s skin was not unblemished.  Now there was a man in desperate need of a rejuvenating skin mask.

Anyhow, happy early Halloween!  Let’s celebrate with these nails, because they’re kind of a (pretty) nightmare.

Dots 2

5 thoughts on “FrankenDots

    • Right? Sometimes you just have to own your goofs (also, I don’t know if it’s like this for you, but I will OBSESS over some small little thing I screwed up, sometimes to the point where I just completely redo my mani, and absolutely no one else will even notice my error. I try to remember that and just work with whatever I’ve got.)

      • Yes!!! I tend to do that too, so sometimes I just force myself to put my worries aside and publish them anyway. And don’t even get me started on chipped nails – I have to take it all off immediately! It’s a sickness!

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