There Can Be Only One

There Can Be 1

Jack-o-Lantern face, that is!  Growing up, my pumpkin dictator mother decreed that there could only be one expression carved into the side of a ripe Halloween pumpkin – triangle eyes, half-moon mouth, the end!  It’s a classic for a reason, to be sure.  All the same, she was (jokingly) aghast the year I came along and added two pointy fangs to the half-moon mouth; what the hey was this kid doing messing with tradition anyways?!  I attempt to be a glass-half-full kind of person, so I’m going to say I was just respecting tradition.  In fact, I respect it so much – well, just take a peek at last year’s tiny Jack-o-Lantern.

Weegie 1

Weegie is a non-conformist, and she thinks my later work has grown repetitive.  How rude!  Also, says the cat in the lobster costume!  And yes, that is a 16-year-old torbi dressed as a crustacean, sitting beside a lit Jack-o-Lantern on my diningroom table; what of it? 😉

These happy Jack-o-Lantern nails are for my mom, both the classic, proscribed expression and avec fangs, just to mix things up and drive my mom a teeny bit bonkers.  Happy Halloween!

There Can Be 2

13 thoughts on “There Can Be Only One

    • Thank you! And isn’t she a good sport? Begrudging, and she’ll only allow herself to be costumed for about three and a half minutes at a time, but she bears it with some measure of good grace. Such a good girl!

  1. Bahaha, I get a kick out of Weegie’s displeased costume poses, second only to dogs in hats in my book. I haven’t carved a pumpkin this year but I do appreciate a classic jack o’ lantern face, and I bet the fangs were the perfect touch, such a rebel.

  2. Soooo cute!
    I have the same glitter topper (China Glaze something) somewhere in my stash, and I’ve been looking for it for weeks – but I couldn’t find it… I’m sure I’ll find it right after Halloween! 😀

    Weegie is a cute little thing! Don’t trust her sceptical expression. I’m sure she loves the costume!

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