Little Bones

Little Bones 1

Bitty little femurs in Glam Polish lacquers named after a couple of goth girls who surely know their bones, purple Lydia (Deetz, of Beetlejuice fame) and blue Wednesday (Addams, of the Addams Family.)

Little Bones Collage

8 thoughts on “Little Bones

    • Yup, Lydia was definitely one of those ones I bought mostly for the name (been more than one or two of those, actually, but you know all about that from the wax world – the things we’ve bought just because they have a cute name attached to them!) And that is an EXCELLENT soundtrack to listen to, one of my favourites. Are you a soundtrack person? I am, and I also really love movie scores (all the Elfmans, pretty well.) A few years ago my mom and I drove out to PEI, the little island province on the east coast of Canada. On our journey out there, we passed and crossed over many, many, many covered bridges. As we were going across one, I fired up the Beetlejuice soundtrack, the bit where Adam and Barbara are crossing the bridge and meet their untimely ends – my mom was NOT amused! I thought it was kind of funny, though. 😉

    • Merci bien, ma chere. (By the way, I said that to your nieces one time, and Izzy just about gave herself a stroke laughing at me – “Bahahahaha, you know that means THANK YOU GOOD, right?!”) Yes, kiddo, just mangling the French language for your entertainment. 🙂

    • You’re one of the most Canadian people I know. 🙂 The Hip was also in my thoughts, but I zigged when I should have zagged and I wound up where I always inevitably do – at Beetlejuice!

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