Not Your Usual Holiday Meltdown

Mario Wax 2

After a year spent excitedly throwing myself onto and then most likely staggering off of any number of actual roller coasters, I find myself, here at the end of 2018, riding the Emotional Roller Coaster Express.  It’s been a real “Stop the world, I’d like to get off” kind of month.  But upon reflection, that’s been my entire 2018 – wild vacation highs followed by protracted periods of gutting real life lows.  On the whole, I haven’t enjoyed this ride.  In fact, I’m totally sick of it (instead of just getting sick by it.)  Zero stars on TripAdvisor, this attraction sucks.

Pretty much the only thing I didn’t biff this year was my commitment to cutting back on my discretionary spending.  I mean, I did just turn around and plow that money straight into Disney vacations, so file that one under the “Re-Prioritization” files.  But after 2017, when I spent every bit of money I had on things that I thought would make me happy, but didn’t, I knew a shift was in order, and I curbed my spending HARD.

Part of that curbing was limiting my wax purchases to three orders, a custom order from Sniff My Tarts (due any day now!), a hugely anticipated order from The Melting Duck and this order from Rosegirls, a holiday tradition of mine for three seasons now.  I love receiving these whimsical Mario blends every year; it wouldn’t feel like Christmas without them.  Just being handed this sweetly scented package put a smile on my face, possibly the first genuine one in weeks.  Also, not for nothing, but by limiting my purchases to a few absolute must-haves, it made what was becoming kind of boring and accepted (oh look, another wax order) a Very Special Event.  It’s nice to actual derive some enjoyment and delight out of my treats again.

Mario Wax 3

All right, enough emotional shop talk, on to the wax.  Let’s take a look-see and peep the Super Mario-themed blends I picked up in 2018, shall we?

Mario Wax 4

First up, a sextet of adorable little muffins (“Title of your sextet tape!”) in, top row, starting on the left, Jumping on Clouds, a candy floss-dominant bakery blend of Vanilla Crunch Donuts Fluff Puffs, Marshmallow Smoothie, Cuppa Cake and Cotton Candy Frosting, Starbeans Cafe, a gently caffeinated combo of Espresso, Vanilla Crunch Donuts and Vanilla Bean Noel and Thwomps, an incredibly unique, “Wow, this one’s got a taste!” blend of Pine, Peppermint, Sugar Cookie Dough and Campfire Marshmallow.  I’m not entirely sure I like Thwomps, but I don’t dislike it either (which means in about a month’s time it will become my most favouritest scent blend EVER, trust.)

Then on the bottom row, once again starting on the left, we have Warp Zone, a spritely combination of Monster Cookie Fluff Puffs, Peppermint and Vanilla Crunch Donuts, Koopa Klaus is Coming to Town, a rich, ultra comforting blend of Sugar Cookies, Coconut and Baked Zucchini Bread (and an all-time favourite of mine) and Bob-omb Blast, an improbably delicious blend of Blackberry, Campfire Marshmallow, Vanilla Bean Noel and Glazed Donuts.  It is so weird and I love it about as much as I’m confused by Thwomps.  Both feature Campfire Marshmallow; is that the weird at work here?

Mario Wax 4

Finally, we have a pretty random assortment of chunks, top, and a new item called Mario Melts, bottom.  In chunks, I grabbed Yoshi the Red Nosed Dino, left, a beautifully hued and ultra tart combination of Raspberry Sauce and Pistachio Marshmallow Fluff (another favourite, if not THE blend that turned me on to scented wax in the first place) and Go Tell it on DK’s Mountain, right, another “Why do I like this?” fave featuring Fresh Pine, Sweater Weather and Vanilla Bean Noel.  How bizarre that all my Mario usuals are my usual unusuals, no?

Then in the Mario Melters, little layered, bar-shaped wax chunks, I ordered another annual favourite, Up on the Castle Top, left, a bubblegummy blend of Berry Creme Brulee and Rice Krispie Treats (it does not smell like pink bubblegum, but rather this berry Bubbalicious gum I loved as a kid) and then the new wax on the block, Koopa Klaus Needs a Latte, right, a combination of my beloved Koopa Klaus is Coming to Town and Espresso.  Holy smokes, this one is great; Mr. Finger Candy’s going to be all over this coffee ‘n’ cookies combo.  I also think the potential for someone to actually mistake this wax for something edible is nearly guaranteed, particularly at this time of year – it looks EXACTLY like these homemade Twix bars I like to make, and smells just like them, too.

Mario Wax 5

So there we have it, a highly anticipated Rosegirls wax order over one year in the making.  I really wish a lot of things had gone differently this year, particularly in the last month, but I will continue to be proud of myself for reining in my more destructive shopping impulses so that I can once again enjoy the things I do buy, like this special little wax order.  Gotta take pleasure in the small – and smell 😉 – victories.

8 thoughts on “Not Your Usual Holiday Meltdown

  1. Ah, I admit it made me smile to see this haul. Even though I know the wax hauling was getting excessive for us for a while (still battling that pull myself), you’ve worked hard on abstaining and I endorse this idea of treating yourself after a long year of foregoing the goods. Excellent willpower, friend.
    Koopa, Koopa-I’m a total convert on that one, so creamy and delicious. It’s an all-year round pick-me-up.💓 Wow, I didn’t know Yoshi the rednosed reindeer was your first fave. I just ordered a bag of it in RGs flash sale and actually received it already (2-day shipping ftw). Holy moly, its jamtastic and incredibly tart. It’s one I’d never have gone for when I first started melting, but I’ve come to appreciate a select few fruity-bakery blends. I hope the pistachio comes through when warmed.
    I hope these excellent melts brighten your spirits, I’ve learned you can always count on Rosegirls to deliver, Jenny’s the top-seller for a reason.
    Merry Christmas to you, Will and family.

    • Woah, here’s an old response that fell by the wayside – my apologies.

      I also smiled when I opened this package – it was so nicely packed, and everything smells pretty darn great. Bob-omb Blast, the purple and blue one that smells like Blackberry, Vanilla Crunch Donuts and Marshmallow Fireside, I think?, is really, really great – I think you’d LOVE IT. If I can manage not to melt it all, I’ll hack of a piece of my muffin.

      Okay, so I’ll stick this here in this comment for now, since we’re speaking about wax…I got my customs order today and it’s not as great as this Rosegirls order. I’m a wee bit disappointed. We’ll have to discuss this further.

      • That does sound most excellent, I’m not sure if I’ve tried RGs BlackBerry, thank you for thinking of me.
        Oh no, that does not sound promising and I know how much you were looking forward to them. That reminds me that I tried the Peppermint/mallow/coconut you sent and it lacked oomph big time. I expected more from mint, but the coconut was nonexistent. I hope that once you’ve had a chance to cure this order and resniff, they improve. In my trials (so scientific I know) SMT’s and Rosegirls change the most after a few weeks. Maybe mine will be in transit soon, couldn’t smell it if it was here anyway due to a crippling cold sweeping through our house😟
        Have they mentioned another custom opening or is it all FB flash sales/samplers now?

      • I just finished off the very last piece of that Peppermint/Coconut/Mallow cake today. It was a really big chunk, so I split it into three large bits and dispersed them throughout the house, and it’s doing well, better than in the past, actually, but it’s in three spots and seriously, there was a lot of wax there – I probably could have gotten another day out of it, but I needed the storage space! But yeah, not much oomph otherwise. Of the two peppermint cakes I got last time, it was definitely the weaker of the two – the other one was actually a bit of an ass-kicker.

        I’ve come around a little on my SMT order now that I’ve had a chance to melt some of it and of course take it out and play around with it while taking photos, but wow, has it been thrashed to within an inch of its life. I’ve grown quite tired of paying (a lot) for a product’s appearance and then ridiculous shipping fees on top of that, only to have my stuff show up all busted to shit anyways. But with the exception of two of my cookies, everything smells pretty great, if not stupendous, so I can’t complain about that part.

        But yikes, does my Apple Cider Latte blend smell like it did last time? Or does it smell a tiny bit different? Well, I guess you’ll find out, because now that I’ve taken pictures of all this stuff, I can send it on to you! Busted up pieces of wax coming your way real soon!

        I haven’t heard anything else about another custom opening either. But dude, the turnaround time is already insane. It took five months for me to get my order, and I was within the first 50 orders. So were you. Have you got yours yet? It’s taking a long time this time. I feel like the people who ordered late in the process are going to be getting their stuff in the summer.

      • The TAT is seriously out of control, I received my order Thursday and it’s pretty good, all-in-all. I agree that you definitely need to sit with SMT and reevaluate after first sniffs. I have one blend that’s WAY over the top, but even a few days seemed to have toned it down.
        Thanks for the Apple Cider Latte goodness, can’t get enough of that one and since it’s not mine to take photos of, I won’t care if it’s busted. 🙂

      • I shall add another larger chunk to the box – I melted some the other day, and it’s quite good. On cold it just smelled a little sharp, but that really dissipates when it’s melted.

  2. Sorry the year has been so volatile. I hope 2019 brings a little more serenity and joy for you. I can’t tell you the last time I placed a Rosegirls order. I really really miss their custom orders. Doing Pie and Muffin Clubs were fun. You got some amazing looking wax and it is nice that it came more as a treat than a routine. That does make a difference. Campfire Marshmallow… wondering if that has their Bonfire Bliss in it. I really don’t care for that scent. It is an overly sweet slightly acrid bonfire that is a bit strange.

    • I remember your Muffin Club posts! I think that was how I started following your blog in the first place, I was so stinkin’ charmed by those muffins. I heard rumblings late last Fall that RG was mulling over a potential customs opening this year. I haven’t heard a thing about it since, so I may have very well dreamed it, but I thought Jenny had put out some feelers just to see if people might be interested. Uh, yeah, I’m definitely interested! Let’s do this thing! I’d love to see what you’d get (hey, remember those pies you did up for them a couple of years ago? That raspberry/mango/coconut one was guh-ood.)

      I’m not sure if Campfire Marshmallow is the same as Bonfire Bliss, as I’m not familiar with it. But it doesn’t quite smell like Marshmallow Fireside either. There’s a pleasant sort of sweet-and-smoky-and-fruity thing at work here and it’s sooo nice. I may have to have a rethink on VCD, too – used to hate it, but it’s showing up in everything these days and I like it so much more. Maybe my old batch was a funky one.

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