Tumbling Into Iridescence

Starbucks Collage 1

Look what Santa Finger Candy left under the tree this year for a girl who is either exceptionally dehydrated, or in desperate daily need of trenta-sized black tea lemonades (if it’s the summer and it’s really hot, then quite possibly the latter; I have always found Arnold Palmers (iced tea and lemonade) muy delicioso.)

Bless you, Starbucks, and your beautiful excess!  This tumbler (with reusable straw) holds about four cups of liquid, and aside from taking it down to the gym with me, I kind of don’t have any clue what I’m going to do with it!  Sadly, both my financial and caloric budgets will not allow for daily trenta anything, but I think it’s going to make a gorgeous, holographic chalice for half of my daily intake of water.  Now, that I can afford!

Starbucks 3

And as always, I thought this one was definitely in need of a matching (Mickey) mani; all the better to hold it up in various lighting conditions and take photos. 😉

Starbucks 4

4 thoughts on “Tumbling Into Iridescence

  1. The cup and matching mani are gorg! I can never bring myself to buy those massive Starbucks cups because I also wonder what to put in them other than water, but they are often stunning!

    • Ha, I’m the same – this is my first one! Sometimes I’ll see these people with gigantic tumbler collections, and all I can think is, “WHAT are you doing with those things? How much coffee do you need?!” Like, I feel like this one gigantic guy is probably going to be enough!

  2. Not usually into this sort of thing, but I saw someone else I follow using theirs and it’s so freaking beautiful (for a gigantic plastic tumbler). I bet you could blind a passerby with sparkling brilliance every tip you took a sip in the sunshine.

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