Frozen Fingertips


Still frosty, still frozen, only now we Canadians have a lot of American company – welcome to continuous sub-zeros, my southern friends.  Ain’t she glorious?  I seriously haven’t been warm in weeks.  I just live in little furry boot slippers and every layer I can get my frostbitten hands on.  Looking forward to enjoying some sunnier Florida temps soon.

Until then, another icy-looking mani featuring ILNP’s silver holo, Mega, under a frosted dusting of Enchanted Polish’s Freeze Machine.  Brrrr…


4 thoughts on “Frozen Fingertips

    • Very nearly there – tomorrow, actually! But what’s this passed cold front business? I’m all for YOUR cold front, that would be perfection. But are we back up into the high ’80s again? What BS! Florida knows we’re coming and it wants us to sweat. Why can’t there be any in between?! Ahem, sorry. 😉

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