Loner Girl

Bored, fidgety, harbouring a gigantic crush on a sketchy English moppet and in possession of coloured greasepaint pencils – what could possibly go wrong here?

I’m seriously so obsessed with this Yungblud kid.  He’s got a twenty one pilots-by-way-of-Stone Roses kind of vibe going, with a pit stop at the three-way junction where My Chemical Romance, Oasis and a Hot Topic warehouse intersect.  He’s a bizarre little munchkin with too much hair, and I’m delighted to now be aware of both his existence and music – with Keith Flint of The Prodigy now off bouncing around the afterlife, I was in need of an inexplicable crush on a transient-looking Englishman in too much guyliner, and Yungblud is providing in SPADES.


And when I’m obsessed, well, I kind of start to dress like them.  Already working out our Halloween costumes for this year’s Mickey’s Not So Scary.  Can’t wait to see Mr. Finger Candy in pink socks, creepers, chipped black nails and nine pounds of charcoal-coloured eyeshadow.  Um, actually, wait – YES, now that I think about it, I’d kind of like to see that hot ass look right NOW… 😉  I love rock star cosplaying at Disney – in a sea of Little Mermaids, it’s fun to be an Ursula.  If Ursula was into sketchy English yobs with insanity hair and a major set of crazy eyes.  Which she might be.  I mean, I don’t know her life.

But for right now, I’ll content myself with this test run on a Loner-esque look, complete with face paint and my best approximation of Yungblud’s batshit, gravity-defying coif (it’s like Robert Smith got his hair did by Edward Scissorhands.)  We’ll revisit this at Halloween – d’you know what I mean, yeah?

So Much Hairspray 2

3 thoughts on “Loner

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  2. Doesn’t Robert get his hair done by Edward Scissorhands? I enjoyed this chaotic crazed fan look, but thought I should ask (just in case).. you are OKAY right, friend? jk, but kinda seriously wondering;)

    • A childhood friend’s older sister was obsessed with The Cure; I have fond memories of walking to their bathroom past the wallpaper of posters in her bedroom. A dude in makeup – crazy!

      Heh, I guess I’ve given you ample reason to be questioning my okay-ness these days – renos are one understandable thing, but now this dirtbag jailbait kid? 🙂 Can’t help it, I think he’s just adorable. Scuzzy, but adorable. Plus it turns out I really love his music, so I’m counting this one as a weird win.

      But also, yes, right about this time (two weeks ago? I don’t know, time has lost all meaning) I think I was actually a bit un-okay – the apartment was overrun with equipment and uninstalled plumbing and needlessly aggressive sub-trades and the flooring materials were all off-gassing all over the place and I think I may have been high on round-the-clock anxiety and flooring chemicals. Might still be. 😉 Anyhow, that might account for the sudden obsession with said dirtbag.

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