Down, But Not Out

Snacks Collage

Goodest of mornings, friends, from the Reno Zone, population: still my husband and I!  But against all odds, we had a lovely long weekend – thanks in large part to the great, Fishbowl-enhanced time we had at the wedding of a couple of old friends (I’ve known the bride since grade 6!) – so despite the fact that everything is still quite torn up (you try navigating a floor full of ceramic tile clips at 3 am, especially if you’ve been drinking something called a Fishbowl!) we’re feeling slightly more optimistic about the renovations.  There’s even been appreciable progress made on the bathroom, and at the risk of jinxing things further (but really, could we get more jinxed?) we may have a semi-functioning bathroom by the end of the day.  Yup, totally jinxed it!

Cheryl's Wedding

But I haven’t been so out of it that I haven’t had a bit of time to work on another Fave Food of Disney video for our YouTube channel, Park or Perish! – need something to occupy my time whilst tiled into my livingroom for the next five to seven hours of adhesive-setting time (I now know far too much about ceramic tile adhesive and underlay materials – wasn’t exactly an area I felt I needed a lot of edu-ma-cating in, but I suppose it’s always nice to learn something new.)

And so here’s the five-minute result of all that time-wiling!  As always, I hope you enjoy this video and don’t become too fixated on some Disney nibble that’s only available at the Magic Kingdom for Five Days in May – that’s a Blue Rodeo joke, and one of my favourite songs – because that’s totally Disney’s jam.  But these snacks are available all the time, so, you know, just a hop, skip and a jump down to central Florida, no big. 😉  Thank you – always – for watching!

2 thoughts on “Down, But Not Out

  1. Uggg, we’ve been putting off a bathroom reno forever. The stuff works but it’s all so 80’s, the tub is starting to crack and I’m convinced the plaster ceiling will fall down around me when I stumble to the bathroom at 2:30 some morning. No plans to start ripping it out soon though, bc it’s all quite expensive and we haven’t started saving for it, whatsoever.

    Heck yeah, Le Fou’s brews sounds divine about now. And what Disney outing would be complete without a Gaston sighting?
    Those nachos are appealing but I have a love/loathe relationship to nachos. I pile mine high and deep with queso and toppings and the moment I’ve consumed my fill I can’t get them away from me fast enough. I’ve been known to banish my husband several rows away while he’s eating them in my presence at a ballgame.

    Everything sounds incredibly yummy as usual, and at least Disney food videos are providing an escape from renovation madness. I’m sure there’s light at the end of the tunnel soon-ish.

    • Oh, at this point, I’d recommend that you just go on ahead and put those bathroom renos off indefinitely. Sigh, or not…these things can get worse with time. Although I had thought that we were going to encounter an absolute nightmare when we opened up the wall behind the tiles (I was truly expecting Mold City) but it turned out to be just fine. So technically, we could have just cleaned up the tiles, re-grouted them, maybe put in some shiny new fixtures and that would have been cool. New toilet install and we’re good to go. That’s a bit frustrating to think about, even though I really love how the bathroom looks now.

      Even though it’s not completed – still no functioning tub or sink! Plus a bunch of other stuff that needs to be done, and could have been done in two weeks, but has instead now dragged out into ONE MONTH. Something for us to discuss in a more private forum, but seriously, screw these “professionals.”

      Wow, sorry, that got away from me. In conclusion, renos aren’t cool, don’t do them if you can help it.

      I had a uni buddy who loved to get plastic cheese nachos at the movies, even though he otherwise was quite diligent about eating well and watching his weight. We went to Scream 2, and I remember looking over and seeing him delightfully crunching his chips, while up on the screen it’s just carnage, carnage, carnage.

      So what’s the nacho tipping point (NTP?) for you? Because my favourite foodstuffs on earth are fried snack things, so I could eat tortilla chips for days. So long as I guess they don’t get too saturated with toppings – I might bow out if I was left with nacho chip soup. Are you a white queso purist or will you accept that godawful neon plastic cheese stuff? Or is it real cheese or nothing? So much nuance in nachos.

      And thank you for watching my videos. They’re silly, but fun, and keep me from going all the way bonkers.

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