Literary Inspiration: Ready Player One

Ready Player One Collage

Fun fact: I’m a bit of a gamer.  Always have been, actually.  As a kid, I loved playing Q-Bert, Frogger and OG Donkey Kong on my family’s Texas Instruments rig whilst waiting for our gigantic claw-footed bathtub to fill.  Naked (and yes, there is a completely mortifying photo to that effect – a Polaroid, no less – and no, you will never see it!)

As a slightly older kid, I owned every generation of Nintendo and squared off with my friends every chance I could get – the Super Mario Bros. games were favourites, though I’d dabble in Sega titles from time to time.

Super Mario 1

In high school I fell in love with the Donkey Kong Country games to such an extent, I was able to parlay my mad skills into a first place finish in a Kong-centric drinking game during a big, multi-school party.  Yup, I was definitely the “winner” that evening. 😦  And I know I used to drive my best friend absolutely bonkers because I’d play while we were on the phone together, and she totally knew.  Sorry, Sandra!

Then one Saturday morning right toward the end of high school, my dad came home from a local garage sale and tossed me an open NES cartridge, saying, “Here, you like this zombie crap, don’t you?”  The game?  Zombies Ate My Neighbors, a super rare cult classic from Konami that went on to occupy my off-hours attention for the remainder of high school and most of university.  Trust my dad to just wander into purchasing one of the rarest and most beloved zombie games ever released for a buck at a garage sale. 😉

Between the end of university and the beginning of my Life As An Adult (still waiting for that to take hold, by the way) my gaming fields went fallow – access is key, and I didn’t have either of the big consoles at the time, or a PC.  Then I met Mr. Finger Candy and we got so serious so quickly, he MOVED HIS PLAYSTATION INTO MY APARTMENT.  This really warrants all caps, because at the time, this was basically the equivalent of him leaving his penis at my apartment all day long – that’s how important that PS2 was to him (also one of the ways I knew how very serious he was about our relationship, because he was willing to entrust his most beloved possession to his new girlfriend and her roommate, who played the CRAP out of it – particularly the badass snowboarding game, SSX – every chance they could get.)

PS Nails

Then a couple of years after we got married, Mr. Finger Candy introduced me to the Sims.  And the next four months are largely unaccounted for (beyond knowing that I spent nearly every second of them in the guest bedroom crafting a glorious desert trailer park filled with pirates and carnies and ill-tempered ex-celebrities.)  I haven’t played with that level of intensity since (and that’s probably a good thing; the Sims is, shall we say, demanding of one’s time) but I’ll still dabble from time to time.

The Sims

I was for a time also completely obsessed with this totally messed up American McGee game called Alice: Madness Returns.  It was an utterly beautiful game, and the visuals were just incredible, but yeesh, what a mindf**k.  I adored it, and indeed, I launched this very blog with some of those working-way-beyond-my-comfort-level designs.


And my husband is a pretty hardcore gamer, clanning up online with a bunch of buddies to run around and kill virtual things every weekend, be they rogue military factions, zombies or rogue military zombie factions.

The Division Hand

So still lots of gaming in my life, then, now and probably always, so it’s a no brainer that I was drawn to 2018’s Ready Player One, a Spielberg-directed Amblin throwback of gigantic nerd proportions inspired by the 2011 novel of the same name by Ernest Cline.  I adored the movie – spunky kids saving the world from fantasy-based destruction! a giant melee fight scene scored to Twisted Sister’s We’re Not Gonna Take It! and an incredible mash-up of about 200 competing video game, movie and TV titles, including The Iron Giant, Halo, Pikachu, DC Comics, Overwatch, Back to the Future, Gundam, Jurassic Park, Hello freakin’ Kitty, and an absolutely incredible scene set within the world of The Shining that’s worth the price of admission alone.  I loved it.

I loved the novel, which I read in service of my friends’ reading challenge for the second theme of “You saw the movie but didn’t read the book…now read the book,” ever so slightly less, simply because it was so intensely detailed and relentless in its references to tech and nerd culture, I found it hard to map the overall story.  It was a really enjoyable read – fun, lively, and with so many delightful little nods to the games and movies that have shaped my life – but I could also never quite shake the feeling that I was sitting an exam on 400-level nerd culture for which I had not studied, and I was about to fail HARD.  This is one of those books that probably requires a second read-through just to pick up the smaller details you may have missed the first time around.

Ready Player One 2

Barring one or two deviations, the movie and the novel tell the same story: It’s the year 2044, and everything sucks.  Humanity’s just given up on trying to solve its unsolvable problems and has retreated into an online mecca known as the OASIS, an unending virtual playground where you can do or be anything you wish.  In Columbus, Ohio, a poor young man by the name of Wade Watts has spent the past five years trying to solve a puzzle left in the OASIS by its late creator, James Halliday.  And Watts is far from the only Gunter (egg hunter) hard at work on cracking the puzzle, because the player who finds Halliday’s easter egg will assume total operational and financial control of the OASIS, a property estimated to be worth nearly two trillion dollars.  With that amount of money and power on the line, the hunt for Halliday’s easter egg lures in more than just the Gunters, with the world’s less morality-minded organizations lining up to lay their claim to the egg.  IOI, or Innovative Online Industries, an outfit that sells medically questionable allotments of ad space AND correctional services, is at the head of those companies, devoting nearly the entirety of their significant operational budget to the search for the egg through any means necessary.

When both the book and the movie open, Wade and a few friends have cracked the first clue, with IOI nipping close at their heels.  And the rest of the book follows this back-and-forth between the independent and corporate forces as they try to assume control of the OASIS for their own ends, peppered with about nine bajillion references to popular culture, technology and hardcore geekery.  There’s also a bit of romance in there.

Where the book and the movie really deviate is in tone, with the movie striking that perfect Spielbergian note of sassy childlike wonder – bad guys are trying to trying to take something good and make it bad, let’s stop them! – while the book went for something much darker.  In the movie, Wade’s parents are dead, victims, he insinuates, of a harsh world ill-suited for good people.  But in the book, you find out that Wade’s parents, paying no heed to their duties as caretakers, destroyed their family and died badly, Wade’s mom overdosing and his father dying during a failed looting attempt.  In the same vein, the IOI of the movie is almost quaint in its forgotten era bad guy tactics, with the book IOI just straight up throwing people off balconies.  But apart from the darker content, the book is just missing that sense of innocent wonder that made the movie such an appealing adaptation in the first place.

Ready Player One 1

But I really liked Ready Player One, sped through it like a beast in about three days, nitpicky little details notwithstanding.  I like these nails I did, inspired by DOS lettering, a lot less.  This is what happens when you refuse to use nail art stuff like striping tape that might make a design that needs to look precise look a lot more precise than it does.  Which is not one bit!  Egads, would you look at that S?!  On second thought, don’t look too closely at it – that thing is atrocious.  This is definitely one for the redo pile, perhaps the next time I reread Ready Player One.

6 thoughts on “Literary Inspiration: Ready Player One

  1. 1.Wait-how did I miss this post? (It might have been my birthday)
    2. You and my husband Shel read Ready Player One at the SAME TIME, so there’s that serendipity by proxy thing working.
    3. He also saw the movie first, thought it slightly confusing, then read the book and geeked out over the War Games plotline, he said it was written for him-instant-legend-status or something to that effect.
    4. Sims, how I miss thee! I just mentioned your Sims-centered IG post to Shel the other day with a sigh and he said maybe we can get it up and going again (not likely given we’d need to purchase a new laptop).
    5.These nails are so rad-I love them all! You dont need the mani tape-they’re amazing. Perhaps there’s a glitch in the pixels or something but RP1 inspired is beyond brilliant.

    Bravo bud, what a fun read, I’m so happy our challenge inspired it. Now maybe I’ll go mess around w/some online games;)

    • I have no idea how you missed this post, but there’s been some odd things afoot around the old WordPress these days, so that might account for it. I actually had a bit of a rage stroke when I checked out the mobile aspect of my site recently – something I rarely do – and discovered that it was absolutely SPACKLED, if that’s the right word, with ads. Like, two or three in the body of a post itself, with a drop-down header ad, and then usually two at the bottom. And this is on a paid plan! Most galling of all, they were ads for things like how to melt your belly fat the Dr. Oz way or – my fave – rainbow chrome enamel-plated gun scopes. For real. I nearly shit. And then had to pony up for the next plan level up so I could exorcise these horrible ads from my plan. Seriously, it had become unreadable.

      Of COURSE we read Ready Player One at the same time. By chance is Shel reading a really shite book called Furiously Happy at the moment? Because I am, and it’s crap.

      Ugh, the Sims is a computer killer, no doubt. I somehow actually burnt through the spot on the hard drive that’s responsible for graphics stuff – like, physically burnt it out. Will said he’s never seen such a thing before, so yay me, I guess? But yeah, I had that beeyotch outfitted HARD at one point – like, every single expansion pack, stuff pack and every store item. I…may have spent a lot of time and money on the Sims back in the day. Glad that level of insanity has tapered off significantly. The Sims 4 is pretty lame, a massive step back in terms of, well, everything but better graphics and an improved socials system. Oh, your Sims can do yoga, that’s actually pretty cool. So you’re not missing much on that front. But if you’ve got your older games around…you’d be surprised what your computer can do if you limit yourself to, say, the base game and one expansion at a time. Total devil’s advocate over here, I’m sorry!

      • Yeah, my current situation couldn’t handle the graphics atm. But go on and give me your best devil prodding because someday I will say screw it and get back into it. Just to scratch that itch.

        Oh, I know I missed the post bc I was in a post-birthday haze, nothing funky as far as I can tell on the WP front, although I post so little I might miss it if so.
        I rarely check my mobile blog, gonna have to do that, but I do see ads on my website, mostly Yankee candle related, I’m good at blocking them out. Gun scopes lol, maybe all the rainbow polish talk jumped interests or something, lol?

  2. I confused this book with Ender’s Game I think. I have not read either but I think it was Ender’s Game I wanted to read. But Ready Player One sounded like it was a semi-entertaining ride. I am still trying to decide what I want to read for this particular prompt. I think Bird Box or Howl’s Moving Castle.

    Love these nails!! And your hubby’s PS2 trust is cute. I remember when Adam and I moved in together. Our very first Christmas that was what I bought him. He spent many a night playing his war games. He recently got back into gaming. He bought an X-Box and does the FallOut thing. He likes to shoot radioactive mammoth sloths and hermit crabs and such. I used to do the Sega Game Gear thing with Sonic but really Just Dance is about the only thing I play any more.

    • Ha, I read Bird Box for the Netflix-to-novel prompt. It was great, a very atmospheric read.

      It’s cute that Adam’s getting back into games. My husband never actually stopped playing. Ever! His online handle is gamertilldeath, and I believe that’s prophetic. 😉

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