How to Be a Canadian at Disney

Can Mickey Collage

Happy (nearly completed) Canada Day, peeps!  Can’t stand the day myself – that’s what you get for a young lifetime of stupid Can Day celebrations that soured you on the entirety of the holiday (loved starting to drink terrible beer in my best red-and-white duds at eight in the morning with my friends, hated the inevitable skirmish I’d get into with my boyfriends or friends as we desperately tried to find each other 10 minutes before the fireworks in a sea of drunk(er) revelers on Parliament Hill.  Did anybody check the giant lemon?!)

Although I’ve really no reason to continue hating the holiday, since in the intervening years, I’ve had moderately alright to even not-so-terrible Canada Days and…*tails off remembering somewhat recent year grandmother tricked her into visiting relative at very remote Cabin in the Woods (actually, it’s quite a lovely cabin in the woods, totally free of elaborate death mechanisms designed to appease the pagan gods.)*

It’s basically just a day ending in Y for me, albeit one where I’m infinitely more inclined to sport a fly red-and-white mani in honour of July the 1st.  And this year I gave it a Disney twist to go along with the Canada Day video I made for our YouTube channel, Park or Perish!, which is all about being Canadian at Disney.  Which pretty much amounts to having good manners, having good manners whilst drinking, using words like “whilst” and screwing around at the Canada Pavilion at Epcot.  See for yourself below, eh?, and happiest of Canada Days to you all, my Canuck friends, all two remaining hours of it. 😉

Small last minute edit: Just as I was about to click the Publish button on this post, I heard a smattering of fireworks going off, looked out my livingroom window and was treated to a lovely, impromptu, 10 minute-long fireworks display just across the river.  So maybe not ALL of my Canada Days have been horrid. 🙂

2 thoughts on “How to Be a Canadian at Disney

  1. Happy belated Canada Day friend, whether you like it or not. Sounds like fourth of July with the fireworking and flag waving, but more polite, less-in-your-face. Tomorrow, my coworkers and I are actually bringing in food to celebrate Canada Day since we are closed on the Fourth, lol. I’m attempting to make a bean dish I’m calling Mountie Mix, but I might be soft-in-the-head from the daydrinking in sweltering heat from today-we’ll see.

    • Thank you! And a belated July the 4th to you. Did you watch the parade of tanks? About a month ago I nixed pretty well everything news-related or news-ish from my daily routine (I still check out the CBC, our national news source, so I’m not totally ignorant) so I had no idea it was even happening until I saw some pics. Good lord.

      There’s nothing about your last sentence there that I don’t love – heat stroke, daydrinking, Mountie Mix?! You’re halfway to being a Canadian now! Just add an Adirondack chair half-sunk into a leech-filled lake and you’ve got the average Canadian’s cottage weekend right there. But please, tell me more about this Mountie Mix – is it a layered dip? I friggin’ LOVE layered dips, something I’ve kind of only discovered. They’re so ’50s!

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