Stranger Manis: Scoops Ahoy!

Scoops Ahoy 1

AHOY, FRIENDS!  Please join me today as we set sail on an ocean of flavour.  My name is Sandra and I’ll be your captain on this delicious journey.  Can I interest you in a USS Butterscotch?

Actually, I am quite interested in a USS Butterscotch, and thanks to a fun collaboration between Baskin-Robbins (31 Flavors for you American peeps) and Netflix, I could pop on down the road and have one (you know, once the store opens in, oh, six or so hours.  Little early for ice cream right now.)  I have tried the Upside Down sundae, though.  Mr. Finger Candy and I shared one some weeks back, before the third season of Stranger Things had even dropped, and it was delicious, but as deadly as its namesake.  One little inverted cup of pecan-studded chocolate ice cream (the nuts, whipped cream and cherry were on the bottom, with the caramel sauce and ice cream layered on top of that; cute) nearly did us both in.  I can’t imagine the pain I’d be in if I actually set sail aboard Scoops Ahoy’s signature dish, the USS Butterscotch.


I really love that Stranger Things is now enough of a part of the cultural lexicon that these kind of cross-promotional collaborations are downright commonplace – Stranger Things is EVERYWHERE this month.  I won’t complain (okay, I’ll only moderately complain about the awkward – and frequent – New Coke mentions in the third season.  They were shoehorned in all over the place, and a huge, climactic action sequence comes to a literal screeching halt while one character expounds on the goodness of New Coke.  It’s pretty painful.)

Stranger Sundaes Collage

But overall, I’m just totally in love with Stranger Things season 3, particularly the Scoops Troop and the nautical-themed ice cream parlour that serves as their place of employment and base of Russian spy-busting operations.  MANY more Stranger manis to come, please stay tuned.

Scoops Ahoy 2

8 thoughts on “Stranger Manis: Scoops Ahoy!

    • Thank you! I always feel pretty fly when I manage to pull off something with lettering and actually have it look like the thing I want it to look like!

      Seasons 2 and 3 are great – better storytelling than the first season, and the characterizations are much stronger. Happy watching, I’ll spoil nothing!

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  2. There are actual Baskin Robbins Stranger Things treats out there?! Where have I been? Savanna and I loved watching season 3. We spent a good hour posting closing scenes predicting the next season. After I finished bawling my eyes out of course. But now I can pop on over to the old 31 Flavors and nosh on a sundae while we further discuss the American and what not. ❤ Love your manicure!!!

    • I cried, too, but not as much as season 1. Geez, I was a mess. And yes, there is a Stranger Things crossover at Baskin-Robbins, and you should definitely go see if they have it going on in your area (I’d be so surprised if Canada had something going on that the States did not; it’s always the other way around!)

  3. Speaking of product placement, it has become my mission to drive to the nearest Baskin (45 minutes away through orange cone lane closures) to get an Upside Down sundae, thanks to your blog. The JCPenny bag was way funnier than the New Coke stuff, but I didn’t mind any of it too much.
    Starcourt was fab, as was El’s 80s gear and Steve + Robin ruled every episode, (big but coming)
    BUT I did not find the plot, nor the dialogue as good as either previous season, even if the acting by the kids was better.
    My beefs: the elaborate Russian headquarters underneath the mall of a small town was a tough one to swallow, even if the Mayor was in their pocket (loved seeing Cary Elwes, but his role was leagues less interesting than Paul Reiser’s or Sean Astin’s storylines). I begrudge this element a pass because it did lead to a lot of Scoop troop shenanigans and recalled some War Games moments.
    Every interaction between Joyce and Hopper felt forced.
    How many episodes needed to end with the demagorgon growing and hissing?
    Nancy and Jonathan were useless and snoresville until the final ep.
    There was a buttload of fan pandering, if Suzie Poo and Dusty Bun hadn’t spent two minutes singing The Neverending Story, Hopper may have made it out, just sayin. Perhaps had I seen TNS I’d feel differently.
    Small unrelated to the writing beef: I follow DK Harbour on Insta and he spoiled so much, he just can’t keep a secret. That’s more my fault for not bingeing it all in two days.
    I’d say Don’t @ me, but I need rebuttals 🙂

    Having said all that (apparently I’m the real never-satisfied Nancy), the Duffers did a better job with the finale than I expected. And there were many memorable moments; I loved Nancy and her mom’s kitchen heart-to-heart, Mike and Will’s moment in the garage (so subtly effective) Murry’s translations (he grew on me this season) and El and Max’s mall montage-cuute. I didn’t shed a tear, but it was bittersweet watching them grow up and move on, a necessary realistic portrayal of becoming teenagers.

    PS Shel experienced a cool ST crossover when he attended a Pittsburgh Pirates Stranger Things night and Priah Ferguson (Erica) threw out the first pitch AND he got a sweet Thesslhydra over the burgh tee-shirt.

    • Oh my lord, season 3 Hopper. I’ve no idea what to make of the man this season. I agree with you, the interactions with Joyce felt a little forced. There’s absolutely something there between them – holy cats, their whole bad cop/bad cop routine with the TODFTHR was great – but did they have to be so ham-fisted about it?

      And, like, his RAGE this season was so distracting. I just wanted to put him through a brick wall, Billy styles, when he barged, drunk off his fat ass, into El’s room when she and Max were girling out, screaming his stupid sweaty face off. Also, WHY make him the buffoon during that dinner scene? Hop’s way unrefined, but for sure he’d know how to pronounce chianti. I did laugh at the Jawsness of his “I can do whatever I want, I’m the chief of police” as he stumbled out of Enzo’s. But I kept waiting for him to stroke out on us, particularly during the scene when Alexi takes off on them in the woods. Like, he’s handcuffed and stumbling through the underbrush – he ain’t gonna get far. No need for Hop to lumber after him like some sort of masked serial killer, bellowing his effing head off. Ugh. (On that note, though, and to tie it in to YOUR unrelated note, if David Harbour hadn’t spoiled the fact that Hop’s “the American” at the end, how awesome would it have been if it was Brenner? I mean, things can change, but that’s the way I’d go. I also thought when Billy confronted that group of people walking towards him in the Upside Down, and it turned out to be, uh, him, that that should have been, like, a copy of every person who had ever been to the Upside Down. So Hop, Joyce, Will, Nancy, El. Would have been even cooler if they were actual people still “living” in the Upside Down – Brenner, Barb, snatched Hawkins randos.)

      So how DID you feel about The Neverending Story scene? I thought it was necessary to cut that unbelievable tension in the final episode, if only for a moment (I DIED at everybody’s reactions as they listened in on Dusty Bun and Suzie Poo) but I’ve never been a Neverending Story fan, so it felt pretty goofy.

      Erica is a little shithead, but girl gets. it. done. Dustin is my favourite kid. Steve is my favourite everything. And I need to see this t-shirt, please, and learn more about a Stranger Things/baseball crossover night!

      I thought Will’s role was a little thankless this year (“Do you guys wanna play D&D?” or “He’s coming” are pretty much the only lines he had all season) but I really liked the scene in the garage between him and Mike when he runs out on his aborted D&D game. It hinted at Will’s sexuality in a very natural way – most likely, he’s just not at that stage where romance and intimacy is a thing for him. He still wants to kid-out. But it also could be because his interests perhaps lie elsewhere, which is nothing easy to address now, let alone in the mid-80s. I actually really liked that, and I cried when he destroyed Castle Byers.

      Murray is awesome. What a delightful dick! I love that Murray found a friend in the end, even if, you know. Don’t know what was up with the Terminator dude. In real life he’s this completely Under Armor’d-out guy in, like, Tevas and shorts. It’s kind of unnerving to see.

      BILLY. I am drawn and repulsed all at the same time. Mostly repulsed. Even pre-Upside Downing, he was SO sweaty all the time! How effing hot is Hawkins anyways? I thought his backstory was weak given the extent of his cruelty to pretty well everyone. Like, I get it, he’s the violent product of a violent household. But lots of kids have the misfortune of dealing with abusive parents, and they don’t turn into a Billy. He’s fucking hateful.

      But sweet Jeebus, when he’s hitting on Mrs. Wheeler at the pool, I was bouncing on my sofa shouting “GET! THAT! KAREN!!!!” Just once. I know why they didn’t, and I’m glad that the character of Mrs. Wheeler didn’t go there (Ted’s a boob, but bedding a sweaty skeezeball minor is not the answer) but I would have been down for that. Dacre Montgomery has THE most beautiful eyes, I’ll give him that.

      I obviously have thoughts. Re-re-rebuttals welcome.

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