Stranger Manis: Steve and Robin

Scoops Collage 1

Hey look, it’s everybody’s favourite new pairing of the Stranger Things Universe, co-workers and co-conspirators Steve and Robin!  These two were an utter delight this season, whether it was slangin’ ice cream or busting Russian skulls, and I hope we see more of their adventures next season (with or without the other half of the Scoops Troop, who will be getting their own manis soon so we can round off this unlikely quartet.)

All of the nautical stripes on Steve and Robin’s Scoops Ahoy uniforms were a righteous pain in the butt to paint – Streak City.  But their ice cream parlour duds – particularly those best feature-destroying sailor hats – are the cutest things ever, and I HAD to give them the manicured treatment.

Scoops Collage 2

So I think season 3 proves that Steve Harrington is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the BEST THING EVER, right?  So fantastic, I’ve actually stopped referring to him as Steve’s Hair or the Guy Who Runs Steve’s Hair, and now simply call him Steve.  You know it’s love when I stop making jokes. 😉  Except…it shames me to no end to note that it was only a couple of weeks ago that I finally put it together that Steve’s last name is Harrington, as in a TON of HAIR.  How did I not put that together before now?  Steve’s evolved into such a great character, although I’ll always have a soft spot for douchey season 1 Steve – he really reminded me of a boy I was quite spun for in high school.

Steve 1

And Robin is such an amazing new addition to the cast!  She’s smart and funny and thoughtful and brave, and she’s played with so much charm by Maya Hawke, who is Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman’s daughter, and wow, does she ever sound like her mom, and now that I’ve told you this little bit of trivia, it’s all you’ll ever hear.  Close your eyes and you can almost hear Robin describing the finer plot points of cancelled-after-the-pilot TV series, Fox Force Five (“Fox, because we were a bunch of foxes, Force, because we were a force to be reckoned with, and Five, because there were one, two, three, four, five of us,” and yes, that was a Pulp Fiction reference.  I’m very old.)

Robin 1

As I mentioned in my last Stranger Manis post, I have a lot more nail art coming that has been inspired by season 3, which itself is an endless font of incredible set design and neon-tinged ’80s nostalgia.  It seems practically tailor made for this kind of fan art, so I’ll be happy to oblige. 😉

3 thoughts on “Stranger Manis: Steve and Robin

  1. You can guess where I’d rank these sporty nails right? #11111
    Adorable. The visual of those precious Scoops uniforms creeping around sterile metal hallways and secret glowing passages is classic incongruity. I love that Steve’s hair stays pretty perfect no matter what. Haha, Harrington.
    Bring on the Pulp Fiction references, I’ll listen. Long convos about that film may be a reason I fell in love w/my husband! And Maya is a scene stealer, her lips are just like her mom’s. Cant wait to see the sidekicks nail set😆

  2. Steve. I love that he earned a new bestie. I do hope he have some requited love in his future though. ❤ I had no idea about Robin. Any time I think of Uma Therman it usually revolves around Kill Bill. Or Poison Ivy. Are her and Ethan still together? I need to Google that. I love that you are enjoying the third season. It has been such a joy to watch. Your rendition of the uniforms is on point. I would have to wear these until their cute faces chipped off. I think the steaks are fitting. Kind of a post-Russian torture session foreshadowing? Are you going to do a Star Court mall?

    • I definitely think some neon-inspired nail art is in order – goodness knows Starcourt is filled with enough of the stuff. I DO have some Hopper nails planned (couldn’t let that spiffy pink and mint green shirt go without doing something with it) and Fashion Plate El as well. There really was just so much this season to lend itself to artistic interpretation. Glad you enjoyed it as much as I did. 🙂

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