Purple 1

That’s a big Buffy-ism – tacking a “Y” onto the end of any word, not to describe a thing, but the general state of a thing.  So this manicure, which looks like a purple gemstone caught somewhere between an amethyst and a tanzanite, definitely qualifies as an entry in the suffix chapter of Buff’s Good Guide to Grammar.  The little round studs up by my cuticles are natural seashell gems I picked up from Daily Charme.  They come in all sorts of colours and mimic the look of natural gemstones.  I liked these blue/purple stones best, so that’s why they came home with me!

I did these nails using exactly the same marbling technique as this manicure from the other day.  I just switched up the polishes, using three purple lacquers (a pale lilac creme, a chromatic periwinkle and a deep purple holo), highlighting the “fissures” with a glittery purple topper.  Aw man, I’m really going to have to do that tutorial now, as these are too easy to keep to myself, but also just a touch too hard to describe simply with words.  You know, in a grammar-y-type fashion. 😉  Keep a look out for that one in the coming days, should you be interested in how to create a super high impact, ultra low effort mani.

Purple 2

7 thoughts on “Amethyst-y!

  1. these are actually stunning … i have grown to love purples and my own nails are purple right now! somehow i don’t believe you when you say they’re easy though … they’re too gorgeous! 10/10 would watch a tutorial video though … if only to be mesmerized by swirling purples 🙂
    power to the local dreamer ||-//

    • Ha, thank you! I’m all about that purple, too, but I think blue (like one of those deep blue stones – tourmaline?) or green (like jade) would also look pretty awesome. Hmm, tutorial ideas to ponder!

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