The Ice Wall

The Ice Wall 1

Been watching a lot of rock climbing-related media these days, so presumably that’s why these nails, which I had intended to mimic this sort of gemstone-type look, came out looking less like sapphires and more like an imposingly impassable ice wall.  Except even that’s a pretty tenuous connection – none of the movies I’ve been watching (Free Solo, The Dawn Wall on Netflix) have featured ice climbing, which is fantastic.  Really, who wants to cling to the edge of a geological feature thousands of feet in the air, engaged in a batshit activity that taxes every ounce of physical and mental strength you can muster, AND be freezing cold at the same time?  Not this person!

Yup, these nails are super ice cave-y.  It’s the rich, almost icy indigo blues I chose – it’s a very deep, layered, frosty kind of look.  Very pretty, but not at all a sapphire.  One for the “Try it Again” files, methinks (whilst cold weather climbing in general can go straight into the “Try it Never” files.  Maybe just climbing in general – as much as I’m enjoying these movies, I’m not sure I’m ever going to be on board with any activity that will most likely end in my Wile. E. Coyote-esque death.) 😉

The Ice Wall 2


7 thoughts on “The Ice Wall

    • Thank you! You’re always so lovely and complimentary, totally makes my day. 🙂 These blues ARE rather pretty – it’s just such a lovely colour. Hard to muck up a design that way – even pretty messes are pretty.

  1. Rock-climbing you say?
    1. Streaming tv has changed the method and content of what we’d spend time watching before the Netflix era. (Not knocking it, just an observation)
    2. Weird fact: I’m obsessed w/mountain-climbing stories, books, etc. Everest basically. I will have to enter this ice-climbing realm to get my fix sometime. (Now you know that bout me)

    Also, lovely layered pools of blue you got going here. Masterful, really. 💙

    • 1. Totally. I watch things now – a bunch of Netflix rom coms, for instance – simply because they catch my eye while I’m surfing around. I both like that there’s so much choice now, and don’t like it – sometimes it can feel paralyzing staring down that many choices.
      2. Of course you are! I was fascinated with all the stuff going on on Everest this past spring and summer, probably read a lot of the same stuff you did. Crazy buggers waiting in a line at the Edge of the World to take a selfie. I find the psychology of it all so fascinating. The Sherpa culture and community is another one that really draws me in – imagine being able to put Guardian of the Mountain on a resume!

      I’ve been taking in a ton of rock climbing kind of stuff, but I know there’s a very famous book out there about one team’s summit of Everest – To the Limit? To the Edge? Beyond the Limit? Something like that.

      • I’ve only read Into Thin Air and Beck Weathers’ acct. of the late 90s disaster on Everest, but I watch all the documentaries. Something about humanity’s hubris attempting to overcome the largest/highest physical obstacle on Earth is endlessly fascinating to me.
        Agreed on Sherpa culture, that level of focus/tolerance/natural ability should make one hell of a resume.

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