Are These Ugly?

Is This Ugly 1

Real talk, not fishing for compliments – are these nails ugly?  I really think they might be, despite my better efforts to have them, you know, not be!  It might be the colours – we’re all good, looking spacey and/or galactic and/or Pandora Rave Jungle until we get to that green-gold, and then things take a turn for the fungus-y.  Prime example of a mani undone by a poor pick of polishes.  I DO like the reddish-purple bits, though; gives me some good and potentially gory ideas for a mani inspired by a Stephen King book I just finished.  See, creepy lemonade from fungus-y lemons. 😉

Is This Ugly 2

6 thoughts on “Are These Ugly?

  1. Well, they’re not cosmically bad or anything, but my eyes are having trouble focusing on them. In their current state perhaps they can serve as Rorschach test. Or one of those colorful posters one stares at until an image forms popping out at you…let me see um, I get a little Pandora undergrowth…a bit of melted crayon, smeared makeup, is that a clown mouth or are we back on the Joker movie again? 😉

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