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Didn’t actually have any on New Year’s Eve – these shimmery nails are as close to champers as I got this year.  We actually went to an 11 pm showing of Rise of Skywalker at the theatre just down the road from our new home, and rang in the new year staring at Poe Dameron’s handsome face (SO handsome!)

All part of my 2020 plan to get out there and live a little bit more.  And by that I mean step outside my comfort zone, do something a little unexpected, and just deal with the (temporarily) scary feeling that goes along with trying new things.

I’ve never been one to make resolutions, but I think that’s going to change this year.  Here’s a few I’d like to stick to:

Deal with things head-on.  I can – and occasionally do – procrastinate myself into a hole in the ground.  I’m just not great at dealing expeditiously with the administrative aspects of life.  But after organizing pretty well the entirety of our move, as well as the sale of our condo and the purchase of this house, in a little under a month, I KNOW I can do these things.  So I should.  It’s actually pretty rewarding to strike that thing you just didn’t want to do! – say, going to the DMV to change your address – off your to-do list.

Flowing from the first point, I’d like to get out and engage with the world a little more.  I’m a real homebody, which means I have the great/terrible problem of both loving my home and never wanting to leave it.  Believe it or not, going to the movies the other night was a pretty major leap – the urge to stay at home, cozy warm and unbothered by everything beyond our four walls, was nearly overwhelming.  But I also really wanted to see Rise of Skywalker on the big screen, and I wanted to do something a little bit unexpected to ring in the new year.  Adventure is out there – I just have to occasionally leave my house to find it.

Beyond that, here are a couple of specific resolutions that I’m already doing quite well on – cutting Starbucks out of my life, because I hate it (to clarify, I hate the culture, not the coffee) and nixing my perverse addiction to American political news.  I go through phases where I forget how furious and anxiety-ridden both tend to make me, and suddenly I’m haunting CNN 24/7, two venti mochas shoved into either side of my latte-drinkin’ helmet.  I like staying informed, but I also need to protect my sanity.  And lose some weight.  Cutting out the mochas will definitely help with that. 🙂

Have you made any resolutions for 2020?

7 thoughts on “Bubbly

  1. As an American. I tend to get my current events from the British news outlets. It’s way less hostile and interesting to hear an outside perspective on what’s going on. I’m with you on Starbucks, saving calories & some serious cash. Good luck in the new year!!

  2. Even British TV is way too repetitive and they, too, try – IMHO – to steer people to receive the answers they want. But at least they don’t have the same ‘talking heads’ over and over again. And I do love ‘The Pledge’ on Sky News on Thursdays I have to admit.
    But I still suggest France24.com instead of Brit TV or CNN. Most of the anchors – on the English speaking channel of course, my French is non existant 😉 – are actually Brits, and they not only cover France (naturally) but all of Europe with lots of news on Africa, Asia, Latin America etc. as well as ‘cultural’ stuff like new books, movies or the ’51 percent’ (= women). All in all I much prefer France24 to all other channels, and the ‘France24 Debate’ each day is a must as they have guests that actually get to debate for 45 minutes as oposed to the CNN talking heads.
    Happy New Year from Germany, and congrats on your new home!

    • Thanks so much, Brigid! And right back at you, with wishes for the (now somewhat advanced) new year. Here in Canada our national news is provided by CBC, although it’s got a pretty lefty bent. Sometimes I roll my eyes so hard at their content, I’m in danger of losing them, but by and large I like their news content, as well as their music reporting and promotion, their talk radio efforts and the like. CNN’s a nightmare, though, and we should all probably shun it!

  3. No specific resolutions here, more like realizations. I need balance, should let go of shit more, should let myself feel more, limit screen time, etc., etc.
    I like your NYE outing. We were home with our pup snuggled in and it was exactly where we wanted to be. Also a homebody, trying not to hibernate the entire winter. Three events/outings I had were cancelled in the last four days, countering any need to leave the house. But I shall try again, if I can get myself off the couch over this 3-day weekend.
    As far as news, I’ve been getting more through reading articles rather than watching/listening to tv. I read an interesting bit the other day stating we are living in a reverse Enlightenment Age, and I gotta say, I see it.

    • Hear hear to your resolutions, all noble endeavors re: betterment. All we can do is try, a lesson I learned from The Good Place, and did you watch the finale, and should we talk somewhere less spoiler-ish about how much we cried and DEREK!?

      But also re: resolutions, I’ve been doing quite well with my no-excessive-news thing. Haven’t been to any of the usuals (CNN, The Atlantic, Politico, etc.) in a month, although I do know what’s going on, and none of it’s good or, seemingly, legal. That feels like about all my un-enlightened brain can take (and yes, we are living in the age of un-enlightenment – there are people out there who are legitimately proud to be uneducated and uninformed. It’s that fundamental lack of curiosity that’s the killer, in thinking that you have all the answers. Ya don’t.)

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