Monday, Monday?

Flowers 1

Hey friends, show of hands if you, too, feel like time has lost all meaning (“Time’s gone all David Lynch!” as Buffy might say.)  I actually woke up on Friday morning and had NO clue what day, week or month it was, let alone the hour.  Turns out it was 7:34 am.

Like a lot of people, I’m bored and unmotivated and more than a little frightened.  But I’m also going to shut the hell up about all of those things, because somewhere – somewhere close by; friend of mine is an epidemiologist – someone has it much, MUCH worse than a nagging case of boredom (very much enjoying all the memes taking celebrities apart for griping about ANYTHING.  Please tell me again how difficult this is on you from the comfort of your multi-million dollar ranch.  Y’all got as much to complain about as I do.)

Anyhow, once I sorted out what day it was, I decided to do my nails.  Absent the four or five manis I’ve done since we moved, I really haven’t been keeping up with my nail art, and I’ve missed it.  It’s comforting in a “Wow, has nail polish always smelled this bad?!” kind of way, and if ever there was a time for a bit of creative reassurance, this would be it.

So I sat down at my coffee table in the livingroom, cranked up the twenty one pilots, just like in the old condo days, and did these pretty floral nails.  And I felt much better afterwards.

Floral 2

So, small lesson here?  In the midst of all this chaos, fear and uncertainty, try not to fall too far down the rabbit hole (and definitely not to the point where you no longer know what day it is.)  Keep up with the things that bring you joy and relaxation, no matter how insignificant they may seem in the grander scheme of our new, CORONA ONLY world.  Because we’re still living, odd though the circumstances might be, and every now and then we need a reminder of WHY.

Stay safe and sane, friends.

5 thoughts on “Monday, Monday?

    • Thank you! The base is actually just a sheer nude colour – nail colour! I love doing nails like that – they look a bit more delicate than the ALL PAINT look. 🙂 Hang in there, friend, good to hear from you.

  1. Retro funky, yet subtle vibes. I like ’em. And I weirdly like the scent of polish (except for that time I spilled a bottle on my deck).
    Its nice to see you go back to something you took part in before these strange days. I’ve been consumed by news, tracking local and national developments in my planner along w/daily action steps to give myself structure. Doing lots of online CE work and virtual hangouts w/family and friends. I have no inkling to update any posts, nor even remember I used to write a blog. Not in the blogosphere frame of mind. But when I scroll through my endless online loop and spot that Finger Candy header, I smile and think, hey I know her. Let’s see what my friend’s up to.
    Cranking the TOP? I approve.

    • Why is nail polish always tipping over? When I was in high school I toppled a bottle of frosted lilac-hued polish (remember Hard Candy?) all over my parents’ brand new basement carpet. Like, it was less than a month old. Turns out if you MOVE super fast (pro tip: first stop making out with your boyfriend on the couch while you “watch movies”) nail polish comes out of anything.

      Re: virtual online hangouts – so glad they’re happening, you/me/we all need them, but how silly do your conversations get when you’re trying to navigate wonky connections and silly filters (last night I nearly hyperventilated myself into a fit from laughing so hard at my friend, who had filtered herself into a slice of pizza.) Such an odd time. I just took the garbage and recycling out to the curb, and my neighbour was doing the same thing, and we just sort of stood there with our shoulders hiked in the air like, “Whatareya gonna do?”

      Thank you so much for coming by my blog when you’re feeling less than enthused to do so yourself. I’m really touch and go with it, but ultimately, I just like to write. If I can set aside that whole blogging thing of constantly casting about for content and just write when I want to and about what I want to, I’m a much happier blogger. Toying around with a series of nails based off my somewhat tongue-in-cheek End of Times Watchlist (Free Solo – social distancing; Pushing Daisies – no touchy; Blast From the Past – bunker life; Tangled – Rapunzel’s birthright is as the Princess of Corona; The Shining – cabin fever, etc. Ooh, Equals would be a good one (Nicholas Hoult, Kristen Stewart, a very Handmaid-esque tale about a future where none of us are allowed to touch or be emotionally close to one another. Pretty depressing flick, actually, but weirdly hella sexy – it’s all those longing glances and almost touches. Way sexier than banging it out.) 😉

      Okay, so now that we’ve discussed that, it’s time to get on with my busy day of nothing! Just trying to pick away at deep cleaning the house. Riveting. Keep in touch, friend!

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