Collage of Me

This post, like my life, is a work in progress.

But at this stage of the game, these are some of my truths universally acknowledged:

  1. I’m a real homebody.  I like my people and my stuff, and home is both where the heart is AND where the food lives.
  2. I’m deeply nostalgic.  Unlike so many unfortunate souls, I had a wonderful childhood and a near-Hughesian young adulthood.  I’m increasingly aware of how very rare and precious a thing that is.  I think the reason I look back so often on my life – and with such fondness – is because I don’t want to forget how very lucky I am to have been gifted with such a charmed one in the first place.
  3. No band shall ever replace Green Day as the very bestest – to me, they are legion.  But twenty-one pilots is giving them a major run for their money.  I adore their dork-bro buddy patter; it’s charming and clever cover for the fact that they’re amazing musicians and consummate performers.
  4. I was married on Halloween.  Is that as weird as it looks?  People either think it’s super cool or they’re thoroughly creeped out.  Well, our wedding was neither weird, nor creepy, and my boobs looked freakin’ awesome in my corset dress.
  5. You probably wouldn’t know it, because for the most part I choose to eschew profanity on this blog, but I can, and frequently do, swear like a longshoreman crossed with a stevedore crossed with Samantha Jones.  I love naughty wordplay.
  6. Beetlejuice is the best movie.  No, The Lost Boys.  No, The Goonies!  Okay, wait, what about Bowfinger, The Birdcage, Attack the Block, Detroit Rock City, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Shaun of the Dead? Can we have a nine-way tie for favourite movie?
  7. My favourite place on earth is Disney World’s Haunted Mansion.  I used to dream about living there when I was a kid.  Still do.
  8. My three best friends are all lovely and delightful people I have known for 20-plus years.
  9. I love painting my nails to look like food and candy, and it baffles absolutely everyone in my life to this day that I chose nail art as my preferred hobby, as prior to this I never once demonstrated any appreciable talent and/or interest in the visual or esthetic arts.

You will find that this nail blog is a bit different than some of the other nail blogs out there. I will swatch new acquisitions, review products and occasionally produce tutorials, but my real love is pop culture-centric nail art (and heaven help you if you don’t want to hear some meandering story about my cats or how things were “in my day” because you’re getting it anyways!) Okay, okay, so this blog isn’t some ponderous meditation on the state of the world’s economy and debt consolidation practices. It’s a nail blog full of pretty pictures and occasionally inspired ideas that aims to prove that sometimes the simplest, silliest things can bring the most joy and some delightfully unexpected results. And as I’m fond of saying, that can’t ever be a bad thing.

If you’d like to contact me with your comments, questions or general gabbery, you can find me, Sandra, at sandrafingercandy@gmail.com. Thank you for stopping by my little corner of the virtual sky; it has been a delight to meet you, and please won’t you be my neighbour? 🙂


29 thoughts on “About

    • Thank you for saying that! I love it when someone sparks to something other than the nail art. We have to get our literary references in where we can, right? 🙂 Thanks so much for the follow – glad to have you stop by to visit.

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  2. I can’t believe i’ve never read this considering how long I’ve followed you! This is awesome! You are awesome. And to be married on Halloween makes you over the top awesome! You had me at nail art! I wish I were as talented! Your art amazes me! Peace to you, Koko 🙂

  3. I’m embarrassed to say this is the 1st time I’ve checked your About page, probably because I’ve only checked mine once since starting, gonna have to revisit that soon. I can tell yours shows what you’re really all about, luckily I’ve gleaned lots of this knowledge through our bloggy conversations:) As you know by now, I’m also a nostalgic homebody who’s close to my family, with a freakin smart husband (though that doesn’t stop me from endlessly debating him). You’re aware of my thoughts on Green Day, certain love/hate teen defining books and movies such as The Lost Boys and Beetlejuice. Though I no longer love Beetlejuice as I did as a teen, there is still a teen-angst filled part of me that does and performs the “Jump in the line” song on occasion.

    You may not know that puns make me happy, I’m a pop culture whore and chose The Birdcage and Shaun of the Dead as speech cuts (performance pieces). It’s my way of dabbling in pop culture interpretation. The way you express your pc love and send it out into the world is an inspiration.

    The reason I’m responding here is to thank you for the generous smelly wax mail. I loved the homemade ard and nail polish, holy hell, I didn’t even know nail polish could be homemade! As soon as I opened it and sniffed the goodies, I giddily applied the glitter. I believe it’s the same polish that was featured in a hamanicure? If so, I’m honored, I felt spoiled and loved. I owe nearly all my fruity/bakery fabulousness to you.<3<3<3

    PS. I nominated you for a blogger award!!!!!!!!!!! ;p

    • Oh my gosh, I’m so bad with my About page – I neglect the poor thing for ages and then lavish it with so much attention, I barely even know what I’m talking about any more! It’s kind of funny, though, I *just* created a new photo collage of some personal pics to put on my About page. Hmm, better get on that.

      I’m SO super fascinated by all of your public speaking/drama/performance work. I was really into public speaking when I was about 12/13, but my urge to perform was largely satisfied by dance, so I unfortunately stopped (and never even tried debate, actually.) What scenes from The Birdcage and Shaun did you do? And is that what you “do”, “scenes”? I’m so confused and fascinated. 🙂

      And you are most welcome for the goodies; I thought there might be a few things in there that were out of your wheelhouse, but hopefully not too far. And yes, that polish is homemade – it’s actually not as difficult as it might seem. You just need to have the proper ingredients, and Etsy’s great for that. I hope you enjoy the Ham – and I’m stealing that name for my next mani, by the way, “hamanicure.” I’ll give you all credit, though. 😉

    • Ha, at one point I actually created a “This is Not an Award Award” – I found the photo the other day while I was cleaning out some old files. There’s a lot of stars on it.

  4. Thank you very much for the surprising (though not really at all because we are on the same wavelength and sent our packages so they’d arrive at the same time) goodies. I brought some of the fun maple candy fluff to my parents’ and it was a hit. Super strong too. The Bertie Bott’s beans are my first ever package of them and I will savor every single one, except you know, earwax. What an awesomely appropriate gift.<3

    Oh my gawd, the mango, the mallow, the raspberry! I'm stoked to melt those pretties to say the least. Two freakin pies and custom wax cake~your generosity is beyond. I love each one, Oh, not that you'd have any way to know this, but YESTERDAY, I was looking up Rosegirl's Olive Branch blends and dreaming of one showing up in a pre-order list. It's not even a coincidence anymore. It's OWFs!

    • I gave some of that maple fluff to Julie as well, and her daughter said it tasted like coffee! I had a little bite off some we grabbed and it was goooooood. Glad you liked the Bertie Bott’s beans as well! I brought them on my first date with my husband as a kind of conversation icebreaker – he was totally into Harry Potter, and I thought it would be fun to bond over earwax beans (it was, but you’re right, the earwax ones are pretty awful!)

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