Rock the Dots

Rock the Dots 1

I saw that Minnie Mouse received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame the other day!¬† Good on her; you know she’s the brains behind the whole “Mickey ‘n” situation, and someone’s got to wrangle whatever the hell Goofy is. ūüôā

I really like how this manicure turned out, particularly Minnie herself over on my thumb.¬† Typically my attempts at cartoon or animated characters are, appropriately enough, comically laughable – horribly misshapen, off-brand nightmare fuel.¬† But Minnie looks pretty decent, so I’ll take it!

Rock the Dots Collage


Ears to You

Ears to Us, Eh! Ears

Or ears to me!¬† Or would it be ears¬†for me?¬† At the very least they were purchased¬†by me.¬† And usually only worn by me, although I’m clearly not opposed to sharing.

Ears to Us, Eh!

I was on-property at our resort, the Port Orleans Riverside, approximately seven minutes before I had snapped up this glittery Vintage Minnie headband.¬† I’ve always, always wanted to buy a set of mouse ears, but headbands and I have historically been no bueno – they pinch the sides of my skull in a way that provokes instant headaches in this already headache-prone person.¬† But I was on a mouse ears mission, and I could not say no to this vintage-style set, with its shimmery, sequined polka dots and ultra trendy rose gold bow.¬† Also the cute little flower that sproings off the middle at a charmingly daffy angle.

Mouse Ears

But did they hurt?¬† Actually, no, they didn’t.¬† I didn’t get a single headache from either set of ears I purchased (the others being the Sally ears my husband is sporting in the picture above.)¬† Toward the late afternoon I’d begin to feel a little tenderness behind my ears, but nothing unmanageable, and no headaches!¬† I credit the ample padding in the band.¬† And also a lot of mind over migraine matter, because I really wanted these ears!¬† As did everyone else; they had just hit the resort shops, but had not yet been released to the parks.¬† Over the first couple of days of our vacation I was stopped by probably two dozen people asking where I got them.¬† Yup, that’s right, you’re in the presence of mouse ears greatness!¬† Impressed yet? ūüėČ

And as always when I’m charmed by something, I put it on my nails!¬† To mimic the sequins on these ears, I used two glittery textured polishes, OPI’s blue Get Your Number and Nicole by OPI’s pink Candy is Dandy.¬† Super cute.

Ears to You, Eh! Nails

Disney Girl Challenge: Madame Leota (31DC2016)


For non-Disneyphiles, Madame Leota is the spirit of a deceased clairvoyant who lives in the Haunted Mansion.¬† She’s remarkably chatty, dramatically intoning all sorts of wisdom from beyond the corporeal realm, although she don’t get around much – Madame Leota is naught but a head in a crystal ball. ¬†Which made these nails for day 29’s theme of the supernatural in the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge sort of difficult; how do you create a design around a character who’s really a supernatural paperweight resting on a fringed, velvet tablecloth? ¬†Well, you start by painting an adorable, smirking Madame Leota on your thumb, as she’s not much for smiling. ¬†Then you add her velvet-flocked tablecloth (one does want a hint of colour, after all) and the musical instruments that dance across the walls of her seance room.

Once when I was a kid the ride stopped for about 10 minutes right in front of Madame Leota’s crystal ball, and I started conjuring up all sorts of delightful fantasies about how my parents and I – and just the three of us – would be forced to live out the remainder of our days in the Haunted Mansion. ¬†I was, of course, totally okay with that plan – it was like my greatest dream was actually coming true! ¬†No doubt my parents, who had been sitting there for 10 long, dark minutes listening to Madame Leota drone on and on about “regions beyond” were less enamored. ¬†So it’s just as well that the ride started back up again and we moved on (only to disembark, and then immediately line up for another go-round; my parents let me be a weird kid sometimes.)

Disney Girl Challenge: Ariel (One More Time)

Ariel Full Hand

Looks like third time’s the charm for these charming Ariel nails that borrow quite a bit from a previous design, while adding some serious infrastructure upgrades in the form of new shells – a couple of nail charms from Daily Charme – for one Miss Mermaid.

I love these nails! ¬†I think this manicure turned out so well, particularly the shells, which started out life as plain white charms that I then painted a holographic purple (Enchanted Polish’s August 2015), highlighted with the same purple multi-chrome I used in Ariel’s tail. ¬†Speaking of, her tail also got a bit of an upgrade – ILNP’s glitter flakie topper, Supernova, over Polish Me Silly’s mermaidy multi-chrome, Paradise, for a scale-type look.

Ariel Fingers

Ariel’s face over on my thumb also looks much improved. ¬†Pupils are the windows to the soul, and everybody should have them, even my little Disney nail characters. ūüôā

Disney Girl Challenge: Dory (One More Time)

Dory Hand

So Finding Dory is going to make allllllll the movie money this weekend, yes? ¬†Not bad for an animated Blue Tang with short-term memory loss. ¬†And so in honour of the little blue fish that could, I thought I’d update an earlier Dory design of mine that I always felt was not quite up to snuff. ¬†Besides, in that last manicure, she didn’t even have a face! ¬†I didn’t do faces with my Disney designs back then, mostly because I’m sort of terrible at recreating animated figures. ¬†I’m not sure *this* face is all that better, because as it turns out, drawing an animated fish face dead-on is actually pretty difficult! ¬†But I do love Dory’s fins and the markings I painted on my other digits, mostly because cobalt, yellow and black together are just spectacular. ¬†Quite the fetching fish, that Dory.

Dory Fingers

Disney Girl Challenge: Sally Shine

Sally Shine Hand

Here’s a random bit of Disney amusement park trivia for you: Sally Shine is the name of the little Shirley Temple-esque girl who becomes a permanent resident of the Twilight Zone on the Tower of Terror ride. ¬†Or she¬†was – word on the street is the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is getting re-zoned AND de-Zone’d at some point in the near future, probably to make way for more Star Wars. ¬†I loved The Force Awakens SO much more than I thought I was going to, and I’m all for Disney recouping their multi-billion dollar investment at the park level, but why does it have to come at the expense of such a beloved attraction? ¬†I don’t want to be that grumpy old Disney nerd desperately clinging to the past and futzing on about the glory days of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride (a dark ride Disney classic; innovative for the ’70s, but terribly dated as time wore on, and one of those ones that people fought to preserve) but I really hope this rumour turns out to be just that – a rumour.

But until Sally and her elevator mates truly do become permanent residents of the Twilight Zone, I’ll honour her, in colour and lightning-stricken black and white, on my nails, where I paint all the little things I love. ¬†I particularly like how I split her face into colour and black and white, appropriate both for the 1930s, Old Hollywood setting of the ride, and the fate of Miss Shine herself, off somewhere in (*do do do dooooo*)…the Twilight Zone.

Sally Shine Thumb

Disney Girl Challenge: Scrump

Scrump Shade

Someone really needed to warn me that Lilo & Stitch was going to be the gut-wrenching, emotional sucker punch that it was. ¬†I watched it this afternoon for the first time while completing these nails inspired by Lilo’s DIY dolly, Scrump, and by the three-quarter mark, I was sobbing so hard – big, heave-y, choked-out sobs – I couldn’t see well enough to apply my topcoat. ¬†I’d easily slide Lilo & Stitch in behind Pixar’s Up in terms of making me lose my shit. ¬†Up will always be number one. ¬†I can’t even¬†think about that movie without tearing up. ¬†Actually, if I was emo enough to post a crying picture, you’d see I’m now doing precisely that. ¬†Gah, Disney, sometimes you suck so hard!

Scrump doesn’t suck, though, so she gets the Disney Girl treatment. ¬†Here I jazzed Lilo’s homemade doll up a bit with a holographic base coat of Glam Polish’s Ladies Choice. ¬†In the movie the poor thing – at one point used as an alien-seeking dolly bomb – is a dingy turquoise-green, but I thought for all her hard work stopping the bad guys and saving the day, Disney styles, she should be adorned with extra rainbow twinkle. Now to go remove the last vestiges of my¬†waterproof mascara, nearly every bit of which I sobbed straight off my face. Stupid Disney!

Scrump Sun