Trick or Trevor!


Come now, do you really think Trevor the Pudgicorn would stay in on a night like Halloween?  He’s got some serious trick or treating to attend to, and you just know an adorable little unicorn like him is going to clean. up (and especially one like him, who’s wearing the heck out of that Frankencorn costume.)

Happy Halloween from Trevor and all of us here at Finger Candy HQ (“all of us” being one husband side-eyeing all the makeup I’ve got planned for our costumes later this evening, and a snoozing Torbi.)  We hope you have a great night!


Skeletons in the Closet


Like, say, these skeleton nail strips from Incoco that have been sitting in my closet for the past three years? Pretty sure those aren’t the kind of skeletons the expression is referring to, but I’ll take potentially-useless nail strips over repressed secrets any day. 😉

But somehow, wonder of wonders, these nail strips were still in perfect condition, applying cleanly and easily, adhering well and giving off the craziest glow-in-the-dark effect I’ve ever seen in a polish product.  Praise Jack, it’s a Halloween miracle!

This design, long since out of production, is called Bone Rattling, and features cute little black skulls on a glow-in-the-dark white background.  And I needn’t have worried that these nail strips would be dried out – safely tucked away in their unopened package, they were in perfect working order, adhering to my nails neatly, with no rough or raggedy edges.  The chubby, three-toothed skull design is also so adorable – a cute alternative to the more realistic skull designs that tend to dominate at this time of year.


And how about that super cool glow-in-the-dark effect?  It’s bananas!  So bananas, my camera could hardly capture it.  Or maybe it captured…something else?  Those little streaks sure do look like ghosties, do they not? Although, actually, that would mean my hand is haunted, and that never works out well for anyone – just ask Ash (or Anton of Idle Hands, my favourite possessed-limb flick.)


Fall Fun Series: The Blair Witch Project


Today’s prompt in the Fall Fun Series called for a Halloween movie review, but do you suppose it’d be okay to submit these Blair Witch nails instead?  Because my favourite Halloweentime movie is actually Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows (“WHHHHHHhhhhhhyyyyy?!? said everyone ever) and nobody needs a review of that (another bunch of young people head out to the Burkittsville Woods to investigate the legend of the Blair Witch, with fairly predictable results, if by predictable you mean completely incomprehensible, totally devoid of story and only watchable because Jeffrey Donovan (Michael Westen of Burn Notice!) is the hotness in thermal underwear.)

But the little wicker people the Witch widgets together out of twigs and other bits of trees appear in both movies (and I’m guessing also the upcoming sequel (?) Blair Witch.)  So even though this is technically a Book of Shadows manicure, I thought I’d stick with the traditional Blair Witch symbol.  And trees – always gotta have LOTS of bare-limbed trees in your lost-in-the-woods movie.  And Jeffrey Donovan looking like a drunken, dirty farm rat.  Yup, more of that, please. 😉

Alice, What Have You Done?


Mr. Finger Candy likes to joke that my taste in video games is completely schitzoid – it’s either totally family-friendly, G-rated fare (currently working my way through the PS4 reissue of the Lego Harry Potter series) or it’s a blood-soaked, LSD-fueled descent into Victorian era madness (I’m awaiting 2017’s release of We Happy Few, a gorgeous, Bioshock-ish game about a filthy, dystopian version of 1960s London where everybody pops a super mood-enhancing drug called Joy to distract them from all the real activities going on in dirty, dystopian London, which would be mind control and slaughter.  Good times!)

2011’s Alice: Madness Returns, a favourite of mine – indeed, I launched this blog with nothing but those first rough Alice designs – falls squarely into the latter category.  It’s beyond messed up – rough subject matter, abject cruelty, nasty blood and gore.  Cripes, why would I play such a thing?  Well, I haven’t, not since I platinumed it back in 2011 (yes, I just used “platinum” as a verb.)  But Alice ranks as a favourite simply by virtue of its beauty; it’s the most gorgeous video game I’ve ever seen, filled to the brim with mesmerizing visuals.  Sometimes I’d just park Alice on a cliff and randomly swing the camera around, taking in every inch of the sick (in every sense of the word) artwork.

Getting down to these inspired-by nails, our girl Alice wears black and white striped tights.  And since American McGee’s version of Alice can’t seem to take two steps without running something through with her Vorpal Blade, I added a bit of blood spatter.  Finally, when Alice needs to take giant leaps across immense chasms, she busts out this nifty little double-hopping float that (usually) lands her gracefully on the other side. The best part of that move (aside from the physicslessness of it all) is that when she hops, she’s swept up in this pretty little tornado of blue, black and white butterflies that guide her safely to the other side.  So I added some of those boosting butterflies – can’t be too careful when you’re running (floating) through Wonderland hacking and slashing. 😉

Frighteningly Delicious!


Well, it’s just downright spooky how well these adorable Halloween cupcake nails turned out!  This manicure also marks the third time this week I’ve done nails featuring a cute little critter with creepy eyes…or AN eye, singular.  Yummy!

Monsters’ Ball: A Mini Lush Review


Plus some accompanying nail art, because when the inspiration is this awesome, you have to!  Or I have to. Other things I have to…do?  Perhaps buy another one or two of these Monsters’ Ball bath bombs from Lush before they disappear from stores come Halloween, because they’re the best.  Adorable little shape, super vibrant colours, bright, tangy scent, decently long-lasting effect, gorgeously-hued bath water, tons of moisturization AND not a total beast on the wallet?  This bath bomb is definitely the total fizzy package.  Let’s break it down, shall we?

Retailing for $7.25 Canadian, the Monsters’ Ball bath bomb is a limited edition item, which means come Halloween, it’ll be gone.  And I would never recommend stockpiling bath bombs, because they’re perishable, and they lose both their scent and their fizzing power rather quickly, even when stored in a cool, dry, airtight place.  I regrettably know of that which I speak!  And that was just one bath bomb that went a touch skunky after six or so months. I weep for the surely mold-covered Lush “collections” I see people post online with limited edition products from nearly five years ago.

But I digress!  Although while we’re digressing, let’s check out my inspired-by manicure one more time, this time out in the late day sun to take advantage of the pretty, sparkly holos I used for my mini Monsters.


But returning to the bath bomb, this is a super fun and great value seasonal product that’s one of the best things I’ve ever purchased from Lush.  I don’t need to point out how cute this little purple cyclops is (he reminds me of a reverse Sully from Monsters, Inc.) but, much to my delight, this bath bomb also smells bloody fantastic.  I have a primarily hate-hate relationship with Lush’s signature fragrances, but the scent of Monsters’ Ball (I’ve heard some people say it’s Calacas?) is bright and tangy, with a hint of citrusy effervescence.  To my nose, it smells exactly like a Sweet Tart, right down to that nose-tingling powered candy note.  Delicious!

This guy’s single eye is a tiny little bath melt, or a super concentrated little pat of emollient oils, so that would certainly account for the incredible job this bath bomb did at softening my skin (and slicking up my tub – safety first.)  That and Himalayan rock salt, which is the third item on its ingredient list.  But we’re not here to talk about soft skin. We’re here for the big bath art show!  So let’s get on with it already!

But first…is this cruel?  This is supposed to be a vegan product!  But he looks so very unhappy.  I mean, his butt and horns ARE being slowly dissolved off; I might be questioning the life choices that led to this moment, too.  Like, say, being a bath bomb?


The colours this guy threw off were amazing – first cotton candy pink and blue, and then a twilight’s worth of dusky purple, turquoise and plum.  Actually, this bath bomb reminded me quite a bit of Lush’s Twilight bath bomb, but a lot more vibrant, and bearing that completely kickass citrus candy scent as opposed to lavender. And just look at the beautiful bath art it produced (with a tiny little bit of bubble-boosting help from Lush’s The Comforter bubble bar.)


And I can’t ask him, because he doesn’t have a mouth (just that single unsettling eye) but I like to think this particular Monsters’ Ball bath bomb liked his contribution to my bathing routine, because this appeared in my tub just moments before the nearly-spent bomb cracked in half and fizzed out altogether.  I’m not crazy, right – that really does look like a heart?  Just trying to look on the bright side here, which is not too hard when you’ve had such a delicious bath.  I’d buy this bath bomb again in a heartbeat, and I hope you’ll check it out, too. 🙂


Green-Eyed Monster


Although…with the colour-shifting base polish I chose here (Polish Me Silly’s jade green multi-chrome, Dreamer) this manicure looks less like evil peepers and more like Pascal the chameleon from the animated Disney musical, Tangled.  I don’t think Pascal would ever look so evil, though (unless he was in the midst of delivering yet another tongue-based wet willy to Flynn Rider, that is!)