Joyeux ‘Ween, One and All!

I’m taking a break from my usual nail art and blogging activities today on account of the fact that it is my 10th wedding anniversary! Ten years doesn’t seem like a particularly long time (and my husband and I are thankfully both on on the same page that it doesn’t feel like a long time), but when I think about all of the couples, married or not, that I’ve known over the years that are now no more, I realize what a very rare accomplishment a decade of marriage truly is. Plus there’s that part where we’ve co-existed now for over 10 years without completely losing our minds, which is a tremendous achievement in and of itself! He also fixes my computer, which means we can’t ever part – do you know how hard it is to find quality IT support that will work for homemade mac and cheese? VERY.

So while I’m off being all nostalgic and lovey dovey with Mr. Finger Candy (around here that means I swear furious blood vengeance on the player that scooped his special holiday box in GTA V this afternoon – screw with my man’s avatar, will you?!), I thought I’d acknowledge the other importance this day has, namely ghosts and goblins, oogies and boogies and, of course, sweet candy greed with a gallery of some of my favourite Halloween manicures from the past two years. Perhaps you’ll find the perfect one to adorn your nails this evening, whatever spooky fun you get up to. As always, stay safe tonight, gang, and Happy Halloween!