Blast From the Past

Blast From the Past Fingers

The 1960s called – somewhere, a family, dreaming of a future that looks like the Jetsons, is missing the pattern from its Formica kitchen table AND linoleum.  Thank goodness I found it here on my nails, in only THE most fetching and trendy shades of the decade, avocado and harvest gold (my grandparents had appliances in both, actually!)

My Little Mod Garden (31DC2016)


Day 14’s theme in the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge was flowers.  As you may remember, I did nearly an entire week’s worth of floral manis the first week of the challenge, so I’ve kind of got the flower thing covered.  Here’s a collage of the first six day’s worth of themes, corresponding to my versions of various red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet flowers.


So like the apples of the other day, I may now be a bit flower’d out.  That’s why I think these floral nails look more like the design on a fabulous Mod dress from the 1960s, or perhaps even a wildly chic sofa (except back then, and especially in Canada, it would have been called a chesterfield.  And how friggin’ weird is that word anyways?!  Chesterfield *snicker snicker*)